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Liam Grae – uniform

‘Uniform’ is LIAM GRAE’s debut single. Liam’s summer single is what we need in these ever increasing cloudy days of early Fall. And why not. Whether you think of Robin Thicke or not, Liam is his own category and with the chorus as it is in ‘Uniform’, we ALL want to clap for a better future. A future which by the way is looking very bright. Looking forward to more and more from Liam.

Jeremy Ravine – I’m Not Alone

If you’re going for a better day. If you’re going for that job career that you’d been working for today. If you’re going for her, whom you’d been seeking, the new single from JEREMY RAVINE’s ‘I’m Not Alone’ be your enthusiasm. Let the guiding light of the positive torch brighten up your path. YOU CAN DO IT. We know you can. Jeremy know you can. Let’s hold each other up, and do it together. We can reach that end. ‘I’m Not Alone’ is set to be paired with a ‘music driven video game’, and was co-written with South African born Vian Izak.

lennixx – traded up.

“Are they good to you?” Oh, the tragedy. From the face it all, it seems like just a case of jealousy. But it’s not. As the immediate world is crumbling around, it’s not really clear if there was a trade for the better. Is it ‘greener on the other side of the fence’? Maybe. But most likely the barriers to entry is as difficult or has very little value in return. So, let’s make the BEST of what we have. Let’s appreciate the GOOD that we have. Let’s love better.

LACES – someday is not tonight

LACES is Jessica Vaughn and it’s been nearly couple of years since the release debut of the project. Now, with renewed energy and content. ‘Someday Is Not Tonight’ is a song about “the world and society’s ongoing struggle with human vulnerability”. And we humans are certainly vulnerable. But that’s why we’re so creative. It’s a curse and a gift. So, let’s ride with LACES and take that calm ride up the mountain. Should be a sight.

B. Mills – Life is Beautiful

B. Mills states it best: “Every song on this project embodies a sense of urgency in the pursuit of dreams, love, and happiness. Our common thread as people becomes unwoven at times – by race, religion, gender, sexuality, economics, and politics. We all are in the struggle to survive these conditions – more concerned with our individual needs, and less concerned about the group. Sometimes we begin to tie the thread back together – with rallies, marches, protests, concerts, etc. However, the wheel we’re on was built by division, not unification – and it continues to spin round and round. Yet, no matter how dark it gets, there’s always a light peeking through the cave. It’s the light of hope and love, and this light remains undefeated against the darkness of doubt and hate.” Cheers B. Mills. Kudos. His latest LP ‘The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist’ is out now.

Johnny Burgos – Understand

‘Understand’ is off of Brooklyn based artist JOHNNY BURGOS’ new debut EP ‘Love Through It All’. And Johnny is a beautifully singing soul/R&B singer who puts forth a proposal on the table of a relationship that could or maybe not succeed. It’s the cynical way of looking at things through the lenses of this single. She’s not sure. He’s not sure. It’s been many years together. But that isn’t enough. The bridge is breaking apart. The gap widens as the days flow. Johnny affectionately delivers a captivating performance.

Kaien Cruz – Dangerous

KAIEN CRUZ is a South Africa based artist who brings ‘Dangerous’ for us to munch on. And you can’t help but devour her pop impact within her lyrics and presentation. “I wrote ‘Dangerous’ during a very frustrating time in my life. I’d just realised that a lot of people in this industry that I thought had my back, actually didn’t. So this song is about those people and and other things in my life that I thought were good for me, but were only holding me back.” Pop radiance. That’s what Kaien is. Look for an upcoming EP which she’s working on in L.A. soon.

Charlene Soraia – Where’s My Tribe

Starting a journey, without a direction is a bummer. And when that road becomes curved and just like a maze. You’re befuddled and confused. But you’re strident and must go forward. We think that’s what CHARLENE SORAIA’s latest single and the tale in her latest album is about.

More Giraffes – Not Cool

“‘Not Cool’ is our breakup bop. It’s about not knowing what you had until it’s gone and you’re face first in the 8th lo mein of the week.” What a way to put it by the duo. Makes sense, really. Relationships are hard. Breakups are impassioned. Just a lose-lose situation. Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford met and decided to make fresh beats with MORE GIRAFFES. We think it’s been a successful endeavor.

cøzybøy – høw tø talk tø girls at parties (ft. Lil Zubin)

I’d never thought I’d see something as glorious as you. They told us that such treasures were only in classic novels. But no. It’s true. You had thrown away the blanket that covered my view of the world. Your absolute and shimmering atmosphere, condenses into that perfect dew – in that misty morning. Unalterable. For a moment. This is the first single from his new project.

Amber Renee – Miss You

We’re demure and calm about it sometimes. But we, as human beings, miss our partners like crazy. Why? Who knows. It’s our brain chemistry, no? One thing is that we just can’t argue about it. It’s what we DO. Can’t sit still. Can’t concentrate. Can’t eat. Can’t work. You just aren’t yourself. Dang it right? But ultimately when we get to caress and kiss our significant other, all those jittery angst goes away. Feels too good.


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