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Anne-Fay – Lioness

ANNE-FAY is the exact symbol for posh defiance that we sometimes need in our lives. Gregarious in presentation, dynamic in harmony, strident in message – the pop artist with the ‘savage attitude’ from the Netherlands hits us in the right spots. You just wanna be next to Anne-Fay when she’s slashing you with the beats and slicing you up with the glamour. Look deep inside her eyes, and you see exactly the ‘lioness’ you fear and love. Fab.

Lydmor – 五 DIM

LYDMOR has always been the human sized diptych. On one side is silk. The other the talons of a sea hawk. And all of that is wrapped up in this shimmering and massively talented artist who can’t help but make you fall in love with her – her songs – her atmosphere. That trend continues with ‘DIM. LYDMOR is Jenny Rossander and the Copenhagen based artist has a knack for communicating the emotionally precarious, while doubling down on the poignancy of what fate has to do with our own limits. Whenever LYDMOR sings, we just feel like we’re traveling through a inter-dimensional gateway filled with residue visions of passing stars, from a trillion light years away. Wow.

Ruby Francis – Rush

RUBY FRANCIS is the foundation for what’s to come. And only YOU can determine what’s coming next in your life. But RUBY can make you feel good to that place of righteous celebration. YOU WANT to be her’s. WE ALL want to be her’s. Her voice is what you want from your significant other of your fantasies. Dance you fool. Ruby wants you to jam. ‘Rush’ is the confoundingly delightful soul/freestyle that is mellow in its tension – a tension that you feel for that horizon of your dreams.

Emm – Freedom

EMM is a delight. And EMM is a powerful example of what you can do to try to reach your dreams. Leaving her home city at 16, for the big and bad city of New York City, she sought that dream. She’s here. And with a single like ‘Freedom’, and in combination of her vocals, the audience is taken to a place of musical semblances, reaching out towards your internal secrets. “Yea. I want to be stronger.” The anthemic undertones are obvious in ‘Freedom’, even without the lyrics. But with them, the single sings out the consistent call to arms statements that EMM abides by from her younger self. Get with EMM.

OSQAR – Let Me Be Your Weekend

OSQAR is a 20 year old artist based in Auckland, New Zealand, and in ‘Let Me Be Your Weekend’, he examines scenarios from a first person point of view when the significant other just doesn’t want to be together any longer. What a feeling. We’ve all gone through that real life scenario in degrees. Empathy in this song is tactile, and in some angles, a problem that just doesn’t resolve itself. Just the way it is. Our CHF take on what OSQAR articulates in this single is that we all have one thing to do: move on, and realize that you’re worth it, and the world is big and wide. More chances to come. Fact. OSQAR’s honesty and silver-lined humor in his presentation is what we love. Looking for lots more from the him.

Echlo – Head High

ECHLO is Chloe Charles and it’s her mile-marker for her past. The march on to that mountain top – the march started many years ago – continues with the single ‘Head High’. The self sacrifice. The secret bearing of pain. The lonely struggle to cope. The profound exercise of getting back to level ground. In one line of the lyrics, ECHLO describes 90 percent of what we human beings go through in our lifetime. The world IS struggle. The waves of potential disappointments, lost opportunities, and sadness, culminate in those words. Powerful precursors to an ‘awakening’ of sorts for the listener. “You’ll repeat yourself until you’re heard. Repeating yourself over and over until all that is left is the purest form of yourself. An echo leaves behind the voices in the background, your inner critic judgements and only carries the loudest parts of you.” The Toronto based artist is beautiful to listen to in ‘Head High’.

Brennan Villines – Better Than We’ve Ever Been

BRENNAN VILLINES is quirk. And his way of communicating through his music is just so easy to like. If you’re looking for a ‘pick me up’, then BV is your man. And a perfect example is the dance inducing ‘Better Than We’ve Ever Been’. The single will NOT let you get down. Brennan is your biggest fan for you to kick yourself upside your kaboose and get going. Because you don’t deserve to be down on yourself, or the world. There’s just too much to look forward to. YOU can make it better. Kudos, Brennan. Kudos.

Drona – Don’t Go

DRONA sings as his heart wants to. “We recorded this one in @thisryanegan’s apartment on the west side and it has a sitar in it if you listen closely. Because when life gives us lemons we make art..” The brooding and slow-marching single from DRONA is a mark of his creativity. the single demonstrates his production work in testing out interesting inflections in arrangement and lyrical amenities. The end result of this single is certainly notable.

Alessandro Ciminata – It’s You or It’s Nothing

‘It’s You Or It’s Nothing’ is a title that seems very obvious. But ALESSANDRO CIMINATA is a complicated man. And the layering of meaning and opportunities at connecting, is done in a supple but direct way, in this single. There is a tinge of manic angst within the single as well, for the world can’t be that clear and succinct. Alessandro says that it is NOT. Listen to the synth dressed guitar. Listen to the grippy digital samples that dot the song. It’s the calm, before the storm, in a sense. And from our point of view, accepting that ‘storm’ is contentment, accelerated.

Lassai – Horizon

I fall in love every time during this morning sunrise. I sit here, by myself, contemplating and arranging all of my thoughts of my past minutes, hours, days, and years. Only just a handful of memories remain, important enough for my heart to flutter. As the golden heat of the morning light hits my body, I feel warm. I feel recharged. I feel your arms around me. Again, holding me. Holding me tight, whispering nothing, but saying so much. I miss your caress, your smile. My past is but an album. I’m hesitant to move on, but from this moment, I know I must. Please let me go. I will love you until my time. LASSAI’s ‘Horizon’ is an immaculate method of the artist providing clarity for our muddled human thoughts in crises. But a reminder that things can be better. LASSAI’s finding his groove in his art. It’s a good start.

Reza Cage – honey

Don’t we all do this often? Gazing. Gazing at that ‘shiny object’. That eye-candy that ‘stands’ between our reality and our fantasies. It’s that momentary ‘madness’ that we take JOY and PAIN, sandwiching them together for a delicious disaster. Feels good sometimes. It’s a drug, of sorts, sometimes. And in ‘Honey’, the gang in REZA CAGE, describes this insanity, very well. “This was the first track we ever made together as Reza Cage. The song’s tribal percussion, atmospheric lows and choppy effects manipulations served as a basis and inspiration for the all of our future collaborations. The lyrics are sensual and celebratory, paying homage to the moment where you lose yourself in someone else.” Oh well, we’re animals, so let’s get LOST in that glorious sensuality.

Oli Hannaford – Clarity

It’s that last effort that makes you realize that it IS over. It’s your fault for not realizing this plain fact, before. Now it is too late. “It’s the moment where you both know that something’s gone wrong but at the same time you’re unsure how bad the situation actually is,” states Oli. “You go with it, but at the same time you’re searching for clarity.” Never really get clear in a relationship does it. Complication abound. Clarity sometimes makes you even more un-clear about why the bond has been broken. OLI HANNAFORD is a talented story teller in his songs and is on his way to making poignant arguments for us to dream about. Word.


She put out her hand so he could see. On that airline flight to their new home, she realized how lucky she was. Her hand, rested on his lap, begging him to reach out, to reciprocate her longing. He did so, with a slight pause. She smiled, but with a hesitance she’d not felt in a long time. Confirmation of the way the relationship was becoming, was hard to accept. He’d not been good to her. He’d been laden with guilt for some time. She deserved better than him. He knew that. He loved her. He hoped she still loved him. ‘Mystic’ describes for us that start of a new adventure or a new start to a continuing journey. Overcoming the trepidations of daily life and expectations, is hard – together we start. For the first time. Once again. SESEMANN is a project of David Sesemann. His upcoming EP is due November.

Caan – High Tides (Music Video)

“It’s there to help pour over emotions and puzzle back some sort of answer,” says the Camden-born, Tottenham-dwelling artist. “I’m not here for the fame or social media hype…I feel like I have experienced that before with the band, and it never ended up bringing any real joy. I’m just here to make meaningful pop music that people can relate to or connect with.” The maker of this dream-like state, is willing to go where only real passion meets satisfaction in his work. And the proof certainly is real in ‘High Tides’. The longing for that ideal path, is not one that is won easily. But you can taste it.

Feiertag – Tension (ft. Ayelle)

FEIERTAG teams up with Swedish-Iranian singer/songwriter AYELLE in this single ‘Tension’. The song is off of FEIERTAG’s upcoming new EP ‘Virtues’ (mid-October). Throw out that over-burdening feeling of being unsure. Don’t be. Not anymore. The new relationship is there for the taking. The chemistry is right. The stars are aligned. He sees you. You see him. The night is long and beautiful. Make it happen.

Forrest Reed – In My Eyes

“From the first day.” It’s hard to take for granted. The solum and discrete way it hits you on your head is dramatic. Just like a loud circus in town, the grandness of the stunts is visible from across the country. Her beauty hits you. Her caring for life makes everything brighter. FORREST REED’s single ‘In My Eyes’ is a dedicated journal on that moment of truth for two souls, meeting in this vastness. Listen to the guitar solo. That got us to dig this single even more. Kudos, Forrest. Kudos.

Ceylon Ceylon – Serendipity (Feat. Katie Addy)

Alt-rock lyrics meet R&B/pop sensibilities. That’s what CEYLON CEYLON’s single ‘Serendipity’ is. The power of Katie Addy’s vocals takes it up a notch, where we mere mortals just can’t reach. It’s the attitude. It’s the control of that weather system of emotions. It’s the fabulous placement of the keys. CC brings the 90’s reminiscence to the factory floor of this single. It has the delectable charge of lightning and caresses you with the same depth of serenity.

Upper Reality – Oh My Goodness

Like the vocals of Aliyah of a past decade, UPPER REALITY takes it to our hearts with deep 90’s R&B grooves, in every note and within the overall effervescence of the song. This single comes from her EP “Holy Mountain Wata” and the decision to have the vocals in this raw texture, is both delicious and delightful. The presentation is compelling, mysterious, and brings you to that edge of the world that you’d always wanted to visit – privately, and in full.

Philip La Rosa – Drowning

It’s a struggle to survive. To live a normal life. With loved ones. With the ones who care. Enjoying the small moments. Even those small moments. PHILIP LA ROSA’s single ‘Drowning’ is about his best friend’s ‘struggle with depression and anxiety’. This anthem for that struggle, and most importantly, the emphasis to break free of the grip, is what this single is about. “He has been in constant struggle for many years, but always pulls himself back up and keeps on pushing through. Drowning is a representation of those feelings.” Philip’s distinctive pop vocals is reminiscent of a Roland Gift of the Fine Young Cannibals, and it sends the message of the story right to the center of it all. It’s a trip worth observing. We look forward to more and more from Philip.

Lé Vie – Water in the Ocean

“The song was born on the rocky shore of Narragansett Bay,” said Max. “I had been there hundreds of times before with friends, but never thought of the area from the landscape’s perspective. Those massive rocks hold the memories and emotions of generations and generations of people and animals alike, but are eternally silent. The song exemplifies how everything around us is connected and alive, regardless of whether or not it has a voice.” The percussions take you on a rolling hiatus, up on the tree of life. Your life. Your growing sensibilities. Your dreams, to be realized.


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