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515 // Pop Pop Row. machineheart, Marla Saint, binki, Satin Jackets…

machineheart – Let You Down

Saying that machineheart has just won us over is an understatement. Glitzy, shimmery, indie, seductive, and true to ‘Let You Down’, the band is a testament to what substantive-pop should be. But that’s us. And within this vastness of space and untold millenium of time – as machineheart dictates – love is the only way. We think that the Los Angeles band’s debut album ‘People Change’ will kick our emotions to another level. Watch out for it when it drops February 8th, 2019.

Marla Saint – Mad

Disdain for how life had taken the promise and the optimism of the relationship, she promised to herself – that this won’t happen again – not like this. From the corner of that room, she looked deep within the crevasses of her under served heart, and cried out silently for help. Only the echoes of her own inner voice replied: “I hear you. I’m with you.” MARLA SAINT is strength. And her single ‘Mad’ is that soul/r&b depiction that we need. So, deep. So, poignant. Feel her anticipation. The Australian-German producer is a gem in this single.

binki – Marco

“This is the first single from my untitled EP set to release before the year end. All produced by my partner in crime, Chasen,” binki stated. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, the pop indie artist distinctly taps the urges in a funky frame of mine, via ‘Marco’. binki is the project of Baraka Ongeri, and the uniqueness and playfulness of the single is outright obvious, with the guitars and rhythms, casting a bright highlight to the ‘nonchalance’ and ‘candor’ of his vocal tone. Love it. We did.

Red Royal – Moonlight

What can we say that the ginger duos of RED ROYAL. ‘Moonlinght’ is the midnight drive of that blue Monday, where only your thoughts of what had happened, chimes loudly. You can’t take it. All the night colors just merge in a vast cloud of mish-mosh, for your pain is still fresh. The pain just won’t go away. The fashioned digital manifestations, delightfully play with the accustomed scars. Griff McConal & Osiris Black make up RED ROYAL. And they know how you feel.

Satin Jackets – Athena

‘Athena’ is just a fabulous dance single. Simple as that. The latest single from the band from Tim Bernhardt, combines disco to produce a bright and very much satisfying single like ‘Athena’. It’s no accident. And in combining forces with American singer ANDUZE was a masterful stroke. As vocals often make or break certain songs, ANDUZE, is the perfect match and combination for the kind of ambience. Warm. Airy. That is what SATIN JACKETS work is all about. Stunning.

MAJRO – Go Slow

MAJRO is the project of Sweden born, Myra Granberg. And this chill single ‘Go Slow’ is well, really about ‘taking it slow’ and taking a look at what’s happening around you. The sweetness abounds from the electronic sounds makes you feel good. And that kind of ‘goodness’ is always welcome in our opinion. Anything goes, as MAJRO states through this song. Love if you wanna. Don’t be down. Get up, chill, and take over the world.

Julian Lamadrid – Lifestyle

JULIAN LAMADRID is affectionate and delightful in this single ‘Lifestyle’. The drifting keys in the background, takes you on a small journey of expectations and unremitting anguish in being so much in love. A collection of emotions, upright like dominos on the floor, had been erected by the uncertainty of your love. Vulnerability was a daily cause, not just a symptom. But you confessed to me. Now there’s no need for me to be afraid of it all. Not any longer.

Gregory Dillon – Painted Blue

We’d been acquainted with GREGORY DILLON several months back, and we’d reviewed his single ‘Alone With You’. And every time his 80’s synth infused call to the heart, just gets to us. His music is delicious and just the right sweetness for your ears to lap up. The love is real in ‘Painted Blue’.

Mi von Ahn – Sail on

In a place that she designated for safety, she kept the memories that made her what she was. At least that’s what she thought. But life isn’t totally about what you have hidden in your memories. In majority, it is more about where you will be into the future. ‘Sail On’ is a ‘consolation’ into that realm of thought and premonitions of what has been, invested for a new and better life. Mi von Ahn is a singer-songwriter from Sweden, and her lyrical mix is a perfect point in new chapters of life.

Alexander Vincent – Free Myself

Listening to ‘Free Myself’, you are fully aware that the protagonist is in a dilemma. But in a delicious contrast, the use of the background synth portrays the pain of know what exactly he must do. The success is not a promise. But is there any other way but forward? Becoming frozen by the road bumps, will destroy you. Everything stops. ALEXANDER VINCENT’s ‘Free Myself’ states that you DON’T. The producers/songwriter is back from a 4 year hiatus of sorts, and is back to where he’d been. Let’s ride.


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