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515 // Pop Pop Row. Meera, Déyyess, Jack Be, WYVE, EMMI, Moxie Raia, ROYAL…

Meera – Little of Your Time

“Whether you are at a dance club on a Saturday night, having special date with your soul mate, or hanging out with your friends, you’re able to experience a moment when you disconnect from all the worries and letdowns, and feel the world surrounding you as an extension of yourself.” It’s that little moment that makes or breaks another turn at the challenges of life. Just a bit of respite. Just a bit of ‘our’ time. Jonny Abbey, Goldmatique, and Cecília Costa makes this little gift, yours.

Déyyess – Escher Heart

‘Escher Heart’ is a build up to the foundation of love and the fear of loss, there of. And Déyyess, with her slowly pacing vocals, just like a panther around its prey, takes that level of the unknown into an anthemic promise, to whomever would listen. The dark noted synth and instrumentals determine or dictate, nothing. Déyyess leaves it all up to you.

Donzell Crow – Memories

DONZELL CROW states that “A sound is not really a sound without a feel, The feel distinguishes a sound as it’s own, the feel you have once hearing it” In the single ‘Memories’ turns on the switch of love, and lessons learned from those experiences. “A song dedicated to life’s memories. The music, lyrics, vocal melodies and composition is reminiscent of Sunday evenings on rooftops and chill moments in deep thought, thinking about life and reflecting upon one’s self.”

Timeka Marshall – Right Now (On The Gram)

Guyanese singer, Timeka Marshall, states the facts without mincing words: ‘Let’s connect’. In the fun song ‘Right Now (On The Gram)’ the conversations with her audience makes it clear that it’s not what she wants, but whether what YOU want for the next course of action. It’s clear that she’ll see if you may qualify, but there is a percentage that you might not. We at CHF probably won’t make it to the next round, so we’ll leave it for all of you to do your best. This single is a classic return to music from the 90’s, with sun, fun, pool, and lots of smiles. Word.

Jack Be – Booze

Knowing one’s limits indicates that there is potential for the self, to get stronger and stronger. That’s what JACK BE in ‘Booze’ makes us think. Trying to improve for the girl that is on the agenda is a noble, and pop thing to do. After all, we’ve all been there. A lot. JACK BE is a talented pop singer (he calls himself anti-pop), who mixes the oddity of alt-pop and the aesthetics of saccharine-pop. It’s a delicious cocktail.

Rachel Mazer – Is It So Wrong

You’ll never get one over on RACHEL MAZER. She’s too smart for you. She’s too quick for you. So, if she wants to know you better, she’ll find a way to get to know you. Don’t resist. You are the prey. She’s the predator, with a voice that melts your blues/soul heart. Do you have a heart? Of course you do. Then say goodbye to your behind, for Rachel’s single ‘Is It So Wrong’ will turn you around, and show you the light. Pick up her upcoming debut album early 2019, while you’re at it. For her smooth constancy and affectionate vibe gets the mood in the right direction.

State Wild – Up In Space

STATE WILD’s latest ‘Up In Space’ is “about bringing two very different worlds coming together. The unknown being something to see as a wonder and not a threat…It’s bringing this concept into the way we are in relationships…How two people can be so close and in love but their two worlds can be so different. At times held together by the smallest of strands.” The band has been working hard on this latest offering which is a dreamy guitar driven solute to the mysterious, anchored by the harmonies of the vocals from the trio.

The Tribe Of Good – Turning It Up For The Sunshine

“Everything you read online right now is so negative. It feels like there are dark forces dividing society – hate is becoming the norm, and it’s terrifying!” says Ritson “I wanted to fight back with love and positivity. I formed The Tribe Of Good for that reason – we can resist hate with music” You don’t need to turn to the other cheek, if we can get to the a point where civility can be the norm, once again. Can we get there? THE TRIBE OF GOOD wants to add to the conversation with their music, which is ALL love. The 70’s disco vibe, takes you on a rollercoaster powered by the sun, and accelerated by the good intentions.

Rebekah Fitch – Need To Feel

Following her release of her debut EP ‘Broken Mind’, the strength of REBEKAH FITCH and her vocals, is back with ‘Need To Feel’. The dynamic electro-pop songstress brings the fire in this single that tries to tackle mental health, and the need for constant awareness. She is passion and she keeps the lights bright in her singles. The luxurious vibe of the single is one of the attractions, and we can’t deny the power of that premise.

WYVE – Sunset on the Bay

WYVE is a French electro-pop band that has successfully tapped the colors of a summer in our minds, and the beautiful groove of a life we all dream of. Mixing quite artfully, funk and melodies, as airy as the clouds, the band takes us on a short journey of delight and possibilities. If you can’t bop or dance to this single, you’ve never been ‘alive’.

Cecil – Toybox

CECIL is a London based singer/songwriter, and she brought the theatrics on her single ‘Toybox’. The pop singer is a mystery to us in the sense that, we are curiously perplexed by her creative output. Oh, don’t worry. That is a Good thing to exert, for when you are as ‘complex’ as CECIl seems to be, the gravity towards her talents is magnified. Perfect example if this single. It is ‘Halloween-esque’, but it’s more than that. It showed to us at CHF that her ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking toward songs and the pop genre, isn’t merely skin deep. In short, she’s a performer, and entertainer. And that just emboldens us to keep our ears for even greater things from CECIl as the seasons turn.

HAMITR – The Real Doctor Pepper

HAMITR is refreshing. His tune, ‘The Real Doctor Pepper’ is refreshing. And how he thinks about his craft is refreshing. “I really improvised the whole song and how I wanted it to sound so I didn’t end up outthinking creativity. That’s why there are many different sounding genres in this and like two beat switches. I wish I could think of artists that sound similar to this sound but I can’t really.” Isn’t that cool? It surely is, and we admire his candor on the subject. We think the producer’s talents will be recognized in a big way. Can’t wait to see his outputs even more.

We Are – One Night (feat. Tori Nash)

WE ARE is a duo team based out of Minneapolis. This time they teamed up with fantastically delicious TORI NASH from Utah. Then they made this single named ‘One Night’. And it was written in history. The mix of modern country, electro, synth, r&b/soul, and hiphop, is what attracts your senses. The right amount of elements, at strategic corners of the single is jello in your mouth. Melts in delicate drips. They plan to release their debut EP in 2019.

The Motion Epic – Wildfire feat. Andria Piperni

Pat DiMeo returns to our feature list, because his stuff on his project THE MOTION EPIC are beautiful listen to. Always touching poignantly on the feelings of love, loss, and redemption, the synth-pop artist utilizes the 80’s aesthetics to emphasize those nuances fabulously. ‘Wildefire’ featuring a ANDRIA PIPERNI is another great example of that premise.

EMMI – The Way We Used To

EMMI is an artist with much to say in her music. That’s why she embarked on 3 playlists with distinct chapters that has been imprinted with her intimate thoughts and reactions. In her ‘Lovers’ playlist, this single ‘The Way We Used To’ digs deep into how her relationship was at its peak of mental and physical prowess. The world was at her feet, and there was nothing that seemed to get in the way. The single is part of a 6 song single collection, and the musical diary, is fabulous to admire. Especially with EMMI’s vocals that is both strong and with much conviction displayed. EMMI should be in your rotation. Simple as that.

Moxie Raia – Shades of Blue

Standing by the cabinet, millions of thoughts swirled around in her head. What was happening to her? What kind of feeling was this? She’d never had this sensation in her body before. Her heart…her heart hurt, in a good way. The urging, the yearning began to grow exponentially after the previous night. She steadied herself on the sink edge, then she smiled in joy. Pure joy. ‘Shades Of Blue’ is another emotion inducing single form MOXIE RAIA. There doesn’t have to be an explanation in this smooth ratification of the lover in all of us.

ROYAL – The Hunter

ROYAL’s beautiful rebuke of the un-loved, or the under-loved hearts strewn in the gardens of life, is within the single ‘The Hunter’. The Toronto born Jodi Pederson brings the heat in this delicate and emotional ensemble of notes. “This song tells the story of a woman running to escape ‘The Hunter’ with the moon as her guide to freedom. She prays for the light to lead her away from the darkness that falls behind her, and hide her footsteps within the shadows of the night. With courage and hope in her heart, she channels all of her strength and dares not look back. She will escape.”

Boyfriend – Wash That

BOYFRIEND, with LA producer KOIL, releases ‘Wash That’. The infectious pop ‘strut’, the single is about celebrating the “empowerment found in basic beauty rituals”. And only BOYFRIEND, that mystery in human form, can accomplish this. Just get out of her way. The single kicks an ode to the classic song “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair” by Rodgers and Hammerstein, from the classic, ​’South Pacific’.

Olivia Castriota – Kills Me

OLIVIA CASTRIOTA is an NYC artist and in her single ‘Kills Me’, she noted that: “The first draft of this song was a journal entry that I wrote the day we finally ended it. We woke up at 5:00AM and said a final cold goodbye, I packed a weekend bag and took a Greyhound bus out of town. Everything hurt, and the only thing I could think to do was write it down. It was so intense that I could barely read it afterwards. Three years later, I finally felt strong enough to revisit those feelings. As I reread the words from my past self, and felt the familiar pain all over again, I knew it was time to put it to music.” What intimate process. Olivia’s powerful vocals, tinged with r&b and country empathy, ‘Kills Me’ continues to color a colorful pallet for all of us to experience.

Jillian Blair – Yin Yang

The 18 year old artist from Toronto sits down to create singles like ‘Yin Yang’, and we’re a bit smitten in the love-haze she is willing to share with us all. The bass driven pop power-ballad calls out to the contents of our individual inhibitions, and calls on the strength within to recognize love, when it’s in front of you. What a way to start.


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