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515 // Pop Pop Row. Party Nails, Anne Suu, Zaniyah, Cale Hawkins, Bronco…

ANNE SUU – Together

Berlin based soul / r&b artist ANNE SUU is a delight. Especially with ‘Together’, the groove and vibe brings the corners of our lips towards the sky. And then oddly (predictably) our shoulders and our heads bob up and sideways, like they have their own way of opining about cool music. Calling on the ghosts of past acts of the 90’s, ANNE SUU supports the cause with strong and delicate vocals, which dance on the sprinkles of starlights, beaming down on our sensibilities. Word.

ViVii – Siv (You and I) – Live

Off of their debut EP ‘Savant’ this live version of ViVii’s ‘Siy’ is the love-letter you’d always wanted to write to your lover – possibly across the Ocean of emotions. Honest repeal of self-induced clumsiness is erased with a pen stroke, a musical note, a gentle kiss on the forehead. The warm beckoning and exasperating breathless love depicted (or imagined) are cemented in the annuls of this single. Make it your own.

Zaniyah – Why

ZANIYAH is fabulous. Effortlessly, ZANIYAH comes and goes between pop, soul, 90’s hip-hop, r&b. But most importantly, she breathes fabulousness into the Galaxy of music, between THIS and the world the world that is occupied by nuance. ‘Why’ demonstrates her expertise by delving into the frame of ‘pop’, but at the same time, she brings the interesting quirks and unmistakable hooks of an indie-pop extravaganza that is hidden in the delicious morsels of this single. And we think it’s what ZANIYAH is in real life – strong, innovative, quirky, expressive. We get her. You should listen. ‘Why’ is a part of our September Playlist.

The Dream Eaters – Crucifix

Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron brings us their project THE DREAM EATERS. It’s a pop dynamic that is hard to classify. But it shouldn’t be classified at all. It’s just ‘what it is’. And that’s just a glorious path, in our eyes. The duo lives in this pop Universe, but isn’t scared to test the edges of their processes for what it means to be a ‘communicator’. They communicate in ‘Crucifix’ that they are not here to just stand still. They are here to state that there is just too much expressive tools out there that they need to utilize them to the fullest – if not, this exercise would be a ‘waste’. And also, their style of mixing and crossing the designated lines produce compelling outputs that people can dig and want and love. ‘Crucifix’ is that uniqueness that we deserve. The infusion of 80’s anthemic-pop-purity is infectious in this song, and you should have a go. Kudos.

Androu – Good

“When I’m with you, I don’t feel anything at all – except the affection I have for you. Everyday is a good day with you. Even the ones when we’re in less than adequate terms. It’s a surprise and a constance with you in my life. That hole within my heart get filled, more and more.” That’s the kind of feeling ‘Good’ from this fab singer/songwriter from NYC, ANDROU. “The song is every good day you’ve ever had, those brief little moments where you touch perfection. Failure is forgotten and fear feels small; all that’s left is good. Sure, it can’t last forever, but in the moment, good is there and good feels real and good feels infinite.” Kudos. Simple as that. ANDROU is easy on the ears, and the bucket of emotions you caress, daily. He’s heart-smart, and should be in your rotation. His upcoming EP ‘Person’ will drop this Autumn.

Flicka, Looke – Bird down

Stage. On-stage performance. Broadway drama. FLICKA, LOOKE’s ‘Bird Down’ is a gorgeous song about a heart’s call for help, guidance. A well of strength is what the protagonist is seeking. Will someone come and rescue her? Will you be the one? The Phoenix rises, with help as well. The emotional help is stronger than purely physical. It can work whenever there, with whomever. Love is powerful. FLICKA, LOOKE wants to keep that flame alive. Matilda & Philip welcomes you.

Paige – Alignments

South Auckland, New Zealand based PAIGE’s single ‘Alignments’ is a gentle ballad of opportunities missed, acceptance of fate, and the resurgence of the protagonist’s blooming of introspection of the world. The environment of ideals, is negated sometimes with the harking of two hearts – screaming silently, knowing little on what to do. But the road appears and the light at the end of the tunnel gets clearer. Take that first step. She’s with you. “I’ve loved the way music makes me feel for as long as I can remember,” stated PAIGE. “…And [I] want to make people feel happy and feel the way I feel when I listen to music.” Success.

Varley – Lonely Were The Days

The folksy-pop goodness coming from the instruments and vocals of VARLEY is tremendous. The biggest is Dublin, Ireland native Claire-Ann Varley’s vocals is scintillating. Wakes you up, that’s what we’re saying. The clarity of her voice is never forgotten or demurred in any fashion. And with Matthias Heising and Joschka Bender adding their flavor blends to VARLEY, there’s no surprise why the band is popular. The balance of pure-pop and indie-pop is delicate, and that’s what’s so tasty about it. In the nuance, you can find the uniqueness. Dig a bit deeper. There’s gold in VARLEY’s attitude and focus on what they craft.

Cale Hawkins – Collapse

Bemus Point, NY native (now in Brooklyn), CALE HAWKINS is a blend of classic British Psyche Rock of past decades, formed in this gravitational dynamo of a musical-choreographer and pop-songwriter. His work is cinematic, with the touch of TV drama attached to its edges. And that is completely demonstrated within this single ‘Collapse’, which embodies the efforts into making that exact direction, come true. And it’s what emotive songwriting is and should feel like when listening to notes in the ether. Ravenous forces of decadence walk the halls of life – in ‘Collapse’, you get to hold that hand for guidance. That road towards your future is lined up with trees of notions from the past. Absorb this sentiment. Close your eyes.

Luna Haze – Easy

Is it empathy? Maybe not. But empathy can have degrees of affection. LUNA HAZE questions that notion in ‘Easy’. He did you wrong. But can a seedling of confidence grow again in this now parched landscape? Yes. And you can do this with knowing that you are more than that one episode. He had made a big mistake. The betrayal of the heart, works quickly and harshly. There is only scorched-earth when things fall apart. It’s only up to you to dig towards the sky – through the dirt and grime – to live and breathe again. You must. You will. Sophie Allen is the angelic voice in this band. André Norman is the guitar that amplifies their sensibilities.

Nick Dorian – Reflex

Off of the upcoming publication ‘Planet Stardom’ (October 19th), NICK DORIAN brings ‘Reflex’. Beautiful guitar work. And working vicariously off of that frame is the relatable vocals of Nick. Done. That’s all that’s needed. Simple as that. The lovely soulful and bluesy outcomes of the tales told through the notes of ‘Reflex’ envelopes you like a comfy blanket. And that blanket is fluffy, but has daggers too. Keep your senses peeled. “‘Reflex’ is a song about confronting a feeling of emotional disillusion and accepting what I am feeling as something real…” Well said Dorian. Well said, indeed.

benny mayne – never no

“Let’s go for it. Hardcore.” That’s what BENNY MAYNE is all about in ‘Never No’. 100 percent, ‘IN’. He wants to devour you: Your body, your sex, your mind, your heart, your culture, your devotion, your existence. You can’t say no to that. It’s a promise to be IN your world, without the distractions of such frivolous measures. The Toronto native has you covered, we can confidently say, no? What?! You don’t want to be ‘devoured’ by Benny in that way? Too late. You’re being digested. And you like it. Smile, and swim in the emotions of ‘Never No’.

J Elle – Take Me Away

“‘Take Me Away’ is about finding the right person, becoming infatuated by them, and just wanting to get away with them,” stated J ELLE. “No distractions, just the two of you. Being on a beach is where I’m happiest, and that’s the image I had in mind when writing the song. It’s inspired by my own relationship.” Fantasies help us motivate. And if that significant potential is your motivation, you have to try your damnedest. What does her return affection mean to you? What does his return love mean to you? That much? Then you have to get the gears going. ‘Take Me Away’ is the picture of your ultimate reward.

Dani Kays – Saviour ft. Lexi Scatena

In this dance mix of emotions is DANI KAYS’ reflection of that brilliant life that is up ahead. “I like writing lyrics that in some way can be relatable, at least to myself. I also think it’s up to the listener to interpret it as its own since we all have different stories of how we grew up and what happened during that time. But in the big picture, it’s a metaphor for finding that special person, thing or interest that makes you get through the day.” The Euro-pop-techno infused single he’s called on the vocal of Lexi Scatena to help him have this conversation, realized. And communication relayed successfully, for sure. Fun is what ‘Saviour’ is all about. No strings attached. DANI KAYS is based in Skåne, Sweden.

Christen Kwame – Heartache

“She’s the devil.” That’s what a love-scorn man said. The pain was real. He didn’t mean to say so. But all he saw was that of the dead-end for the relationship. He accepted that fact. “I want you back,” as she returned. His reasons suddenly were a pile of parts on that floor. “How can she do this to me?” What a world. CHRISTEN KWAME brings that possibility of irony, greed, self-righteousness, and cruelty to his writing for ‘Heartache’. It’s a play that is carried out in real life, everyday. Christen is there to show us the way.

DEELYLE – Ethereal

DEELYLE works his words and music with all his body and soul. Literally. The heavy tuned lyrics are ethereal, with the kind of sentimentatlity that is just visible, if looked at carefully. The soulfulness of DEELYLE’s voice is dramatic, with the kind of drama that is so very real. You can’t avoid it. You don’t want to. There’s a reason why we featured his works for the second time. With an anthemic tinge, shining off of the frame of this single, you delight in the delicate – then smile at the heights climbed at the end. Inspiration. Word.

BAER – Addicted To Vibes

“Addicted To Vibes is an anthem for all the young people in complicated relationships who can’t commit. I currently live in LA, so I talk to friends all the time who are clearly in some sort of romantic situation, but act the opposite. It’s almost like you gotta self sabotage the relationship so you can still be in control.” The game, no? It’s how it goes sometimes. But it’s about enjoyment, as well. There’s no pure innocence on either side. The push/pull within a relationship is fascinating. BAER makes it more entertaining though in her single ‘Addicted To Vibes’, tis all =D

Bronco – Did You Suffer

BRONCO’s vocals wants you to hold his hand. He knows what you’re going through. He wants to be your shoulder to cry on, then wipe away the tears from your beautiful brown eyes. The Colorado native is setting out to make pop, soul, and rock to describe what we feel. And what we feel is what we think is right. But it’s not right. In a oddly reminiscent tone of SEAL, BRONCO is forceful but gentle at the same time. So, why not hold his hand. Should be a better day, soon. He promises.

Jay Bird – Overboard

You’re lost in this fascination train, down west-way. The people move quite fast, and you can’t keep up. The Universe folds into a bright hue, where you promptly put on your neon sunglasses. She was that brilliant. Her beauty makes you shout: “Wow!”, out loud. Rude, yes. “But cute,” she thought to herself. She appeared at the train station suddenly. The people around him, now was in normal stasis. Did he imagine all this? Was this just a dream? “No, I’m real.” The mind bends first and the body follows. And in this case, his love for her existed, before he ever knew she existed. She ALWAYS existed. JAY BIRD’s ‘Overboard’ is sequentially chill, with the perfect twists and turns that we listeners deserve.

Party Nails – I Go To You

‘I Go TO You’ is what you want in an un-plugged session. The song is a gorgeous, sparkling, folk/country infused rendition, reminiscing of the fabulousness WILSON PHILLIPS demonstrated in a past decade. The song is ‘just right’. With the acoustics dancing around and about the voice of Elana, the simple contract of love being described in this single is downright criminal – because it can steal your heart away. We’d reviewed (‘My 404’) PARTY NAILS before, and ‘I Go To You’ is a slight deviation and delightful addition to the pop-songstress. Talent is irrepressible with Elena.


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