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estef – Come Around

“This song is about initial attraction and the feeling that comes with meeting someone that really excites you. I wrote this song with Sam Tinnesz, Andreas Moss, and Joe Williams and it was such a fun process. There’s something so special about being able to narrate the beginning stages of a relationship especially because it’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. The song came together so effortlessly and I’m really proud of the way it turned out!” – estef. And it shows. And with the distinct vocals of ESTEF, we can’t get enough of her work. You can’t wait to ‘fall in love’ with this song.

Ivy Sole – Bones

There’s something intangible about IVY SOLE. ‘Bones’ demonstrates this intensely. The single bring ‘maturity’ which bridges Ivy’s experiences and knowledge, with the kind of realistic but fervent energy for the un-known, close together and intimately. The bass constance is the Universe which Ivy decided to tell this particular story, and the warm jazzy backdrop is perfect. And with the vocals being as warm, the two elements emanate and glow, intersecting fascinatingly through osmosis of the beautiful-kind. Ivy is based in Philladelphia, but is originally from Charlotte, NC. Her full length debut album ‘Overgrown’ is available now.

NVDES – Mind Body Soul Music

NVDES’ debut album ‘Vibe City Utah’ drops November 2nd. And it should be a glorious moment. “Dance, you fool. Dance.” Mantra for all of us at CHF, and for all of y’all too. “Then run. Run towards what you love.” NVDES constant euphoric style of music manifestations is always real. Be real with ‘Mind Body Soul Music’.

Aruba Red – Goddess Vibes

‘Godess Vibes’ off of her latest EP ‘Holy Waters’ (available now) “is a tribute to the strong women in my life who inspire me and have helped me get through some of my lowest points in recent years, each of the goddesses featured have an incredible story, and I was passionate about infusing the visuals of the track with the magical energy my friends possess.” Simple, direct, more than enough to keep that vibe going.

Dree Rivers – Traffic

Off of his project ‘3rd Coast Hideaway’ DREE RIVERS brings ‘Traffic’. Reminiscing about what it meant to be together. You look outside your car window, breathing in the cool night air, feeling something’s missing. There used to be a time when she was there, by your side, smiling, touching, supporting. Not anymore. You need to be together again. Need that time of your life, back. Dree is based out of Houston, Texas, and he brings thoughts and feelings into perspective.

St. Jermaine – Red Flags

ST. JERMAINE is a originally from Germany, now doing his musical thing in the Big Apple. And with ‘Red Flag’, he sways in the wind with the kind of love drenched aesthetics you find in much of pop. But there’s something a bit more unique about ‘St. Jermaine’s style. Either with his vocals that is very close to dropping over the cliff, or the way the song is arranged in a particular manner, his work is compelling. There’s barely anything we as of know about SJ, but hope that will change as the months move forward. Good stuff.

St. Humain – Fever Vibe

The Singapore born, and now Sydney based artist is bringing fire to the dance floor (and love life?) for all of us in ‘Fever Vibe’. “You. Me. As one. What do you say?” Melodies aplenty, with urban powered electric notes, ST. HUMAIN contains that emotional journey to the highest of evaluation between a man. Between woman. Between our lives together. His debut EP ‘Emotional Sauna’ drops January 2019.

Alexander Vincent – Free Myself

“I got to a place I thought I wanted to get to,” ALEXANDER VINCENT stated. “Then I got there and realized there is no destination, anyway.” That’s a beautiful saying. It’s relevant to many things in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been the most buttoned-down person in the world, there are facets that we just don’t know until, we arrive. It was the journey. You know it in hindsight. ‘Free Myself’ floats soundly to that cause. And it’s a world that we, ourselves, want to get to. Hope we can get there soon.

ALSNDRA – Thing About Love

TORONTO artist ALSNDRA debuts her new visual for her single ‘Thing About Love’. It’s a contemporary r&b style single that is built for that moment in time. That specific ornamental situation, for a pair of potential lovers to come to terms about, and willing to sacrifice some sanity to achieve the aims. Double edged sword, you can say. But nothing’s better without the ‘sour’.

Will EsCargo – Follow

‘Follow’ is a straight up nu-disco, good to the last drop, dancing fun-ness. Just turn it on. The beats will welcome you. The sampling arrangement will take you on a rollercoaster ride. The whole thing will keep you bobbing and sliding. The Boston based WILL ESCARGO Rapper & Producer fuses sounds with the kind of ol’ school antics that won’t weigh you down. Dig it.

A Horse with a Horn – Hey DJ

‘Hey DJ’ had been released 4 years ago, but it’s worth the re-visit, for the vocal distortion and the quaint but hooky synth accordion effects are as modern and relevant. Also, because it’s a part of his first debut album ‘Mindless’ which is out now. A HORSE WITH A HORN is an L.A. based queer electro-pop performer (Derek Wanker). His music “focuses on queer culture, love, sexuality, and non-conformity.”

Aria Nichols – Not Okay Ft. L’omari

ARIA NICHOLS was raised in New Zealand, but not is based in Dubai, making music after her medical school graduation. With ‘Not Okay’. Aria teamed up with producer Don Fuego to produce authentic music within the EDM genre.

LuvAbstract – Centerfold

LUVABSTRACT does good vibe music. ‘Centerfold’ is one. And you can’t help but whistle along, and take the day as it comes. In this case a ride in a relationship with the one you love, brings that poignant romp with a dream of dreams. Mark Anderson Jr., is LUVABSTRACT and you can tell that his lyrical prowess is just the tip of the iceberg. He’s constantly looking for the next best wave. We think he’ll be coming by again, very soon. His latest EP ‘The Abstract’ is out now.

Fiveam & Lace On Strange – Just A Memory

The slow drizzly vibe of ‘Just A Memory’ succinctly depicts a feeling of ‘the morose’ and of the ‘downtrodden’ mixing and mingling in that future past Universe where love can still exist for the tragic lovers. The single is a past collection of memories, selectively collected and curated for the soul who is grieving for that ideal satisfaction. Nothing can happen that smoothly, but the fact that we can express it through such songs like ‘Just A Memory’ gives us hope.


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