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RKCB – Alone With You Pt. 2

Riley Knapp and Casey Barth make up RKCB, and with ‘Alone With You Pt. 2’ they again created something gorgeous. It’s a piece of bright crystal from the mountain gorges, dug out and placed on the shelf of your longing for the past. It’s a call to remember what you used to be, and then learn from the path that you have deemed important. The modern soul and r&b love is embedded deep within this song – within that crystal. It shines when the lights are turned off, guiding you in the after-dreams.

Isak Thomas and The Stoop Boys – Somewhere, Somehow

Isak Thomas is a producer and songwriter based out of Boston. And in this trickle of rain drops, glance off of your daily doubts and settle on the pavement where it saturates the parched. ‘Somewhere, Somehow’ is Isak’s absolute desperation in seeking out that final satisfaction. Maybe he will come to that end. Maybe he won’t. But his mind is made up. The Universal torque is wound up and ready to be reached. Help him. You can.

Rituals of Mine – No Time To Go Numb

Wow. What can we say. We get really ‘afraid’ of RITUALS OF MINE whenever we partake in the single ‘No Time To Go Numb’. Why, you ask? It’s not the traditional way of being ‘scared’ or being ‘afraid’. It’ more like being ‘scared of being so enticed’. It’s more like being ‘being afraid of what ecstasy’ the single can bring. And every time. It does. It succeeds to be the wealth of contemporary injection that we wanted, but didn’t want to admit to. On top of that, Terra Lopez’s vocals are humane, but outer-worldly, which cannot be ignored. Ever.

NEAVV – Keep

“I wrote ‘Keep’ my new single, with Wendy Parr (Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles’ vocal coach) while on a 2017 writing trip to Nashville,” stated NEAVV. “At the time, I was struggling with how to manage some unhappy relationships in my life that were holding me back. “Keep” was born out of that…more about the moment when you finally see someone for who they really are, rather than how you hoped they might be or wish they could become.” This line of truth and self searched honesty comes through right away in this single. We cannot emphasize that enough. What an addition to the upcoming debut album ‘Fall Hard. Get Sad.’

Kutch – Bottleneck

We usually don’t say too much about music videos, but for a ‘lyric’ video, you have to check out KUTCH’s ‘Bottleneck’. Then you realize that the music isn’t half bad either! No. We jest. The single is fun, fab, and whimsical as the artist seems to be. Of course the song is about a real physical challenge, manifested through a conceptual metaphoric symptom. But very much embedded in our social and cultural structure. She doesn’t understand you. He doesn’t get you. Two lanes, but rubber necking. What a world we live in. Anywho, check out the video. Cool stuff. And just like us, if you were thinking, “That video must have taken a long time to make.” Then here’s the answer: “I produced and shot the video over five months,” Kutch shares. You’re welcome.

Maeve – Eden

For a time, it was apparent that we were perfect. Perfect for each other. Perfect for out surroundings. Perfect for the future we were heading towards. Then we lost our way. We forgot what was most important about us being together. We lost our sense of love and devotion for each other. Life’s distractions made it impossible. Maybe we never loved each other, in the first place. Profound thought. “‘Eden’ is about trying to free yourself from a toxic relationship, but struggling because the high is so compelling,” MAEVE said. “It’s about finding what I thought was paradise in a poisonous atmosphere.” Let’s start again. Let’s start in separation. For both of our sakes. MAEVE’s single ‘Eden’ is only the appetizer to her debut EP ‘Beats’ due to drop this year.


ORKID is Matilda Melin, and the 21 year old Stockholm based pop upstart is fabulously on her way up that proverbeal musical ladder. Tons of coverage, stage presence at prominent festivals, and being picked as ‘ones to watch’ in this space makes Matilda a factor. Add to that her vocal extravagance and twinkling edges, make her a fave. “’NoNoh’ is about that moment when you feel you’ve had enough of someone’s bullshit. Singing this song is literally a release for me. It’s an aggressive yet awesome feeling of strength.” See, we told ya. She knows what’s up and look out for more as she’s planning her Sweden and U.S. tours.

Plya – Innocent

Julia Sykes’ gorgeous reach out to our senses via her vocals is addicting. And with her bandmates Kris Taylor (guitar) and William Brown (drums), the trifecta is complete. The conquest of our excitement is complete. The war is over, in an instant. The wall of the citadel has been destroyed, and the siege to our inner habits have been overcome. ‘Innocent’ was that final blow. And we’re fine with that. This dreamy electronic pop genesis, is ours to own – at least for a little bit. Close your eyes.

Naytee – College Days

NAYTEE is based in Melbourne. He’s a singer/songwriter. His debut 2 track EP is named ‘College Days’. Mash up of 80’s pop synth, r&b, the indie-rock kissed mannerisms of his single is a head scratcher. But all in a good way for it is an innovation of ‘things that you thought were yours, but now you know it never was’. What we’re saying is that it’s a territory that had been cross before, but in this NAYTEE method, we’re consumed and infuriatingly interested in the simplicity of his art. Well played NAYTEE. Well played.

Dventilate – Ocean

DVENTILATE stated that ‘Ocean’ is a part of his way of ‘revamping his sound’. And the first thing we wondered was: “Wonder how he sounded before, in his past iteration?” What we’re thinking is that he was awesome before as well, with as dynamic offerings as ‘Ocean’ is right now. And the 90’s tinged r&b soul offering of ‘Ocean’ should make you feel something. When you take a peek at DVENTILATE’s other singles he’s definitely taking a more soulful direction with ‘Ocean’. However, coming from a more rap part of the music spectrum, makes us want to know even more about where and how he wants to reach his new musical evolution. Can’t wait.

Daniella Mason – Emotional Rollercoaster

‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ is a single included in a 4 EP series. Within the next year, each album – Emotional State, Physical State, Mental State, and Spiritual State – explores her thoughts on ‘different part of our humanity’ which we readily ‘suppress’ or accepting. EP ‘Emotional State’ is available now.

Stephanie Mae – Million

There was this key on the table. And I reached out for it, and took it by my fingers. It was designed with a 3 leaf clover with what looked to be copper metal. It was a bit large, and a bit heavy, but instantly was familiar to me. Where have I seen this before? I walked around the floor a bit, and I pondered the scenario. Then you arrived at the door “Knock, knock”. The door was locked. But somehow, I didn’t want to open the door for you. What made me feel like that? “Hey, open the door. Will ya?” you asked. “No. You will not hurt my heart again.” The lyrics stand out in this piece by STEPHANIE MAE. Thought was put through and ‘Million’ amplified by Stephanie’s vocals charms in a darkness that seems to shimmer.

The Endorphins – This Is It

“Our music is all about inducing endorphins. It’s about love, friendship, clubs, parties, and sex,” said THE ENDORPHINS. “We wanna bring good vibes, with a touch of future RnB. The vibe of our songs is influenced by the good vibes that were floating around NYC in the 70’s – that escape from reality that the disco era was built upon.” Whoa. That’s a concept. We like it for what it doesn’t pretend to be. We sometimes forget that we’re human and living with other humans, on this one particular planet. Let’s have some fun. Let’s love. Let’s dance. Let’s laugh and enjoy.

Soft Streak – Orogeny

We believe that confidence is innately within each of us. Just takes a bit longer for people to show it, and to what degree of intensity it will be displayed. But it’s there, soon to arrive in glory. “I may sound pretty confident in the chorus claiming “I’m building a mountain.” However, this song really came out of a lack of confidence in myself, and an idea to will something into existence by writing a song for it. I thought maybe I could birth this idea of change or trust in myself – as an ongoing process, not as a final destination in the song – and slowly start believing in myself and pushing it to happen in real life” We love personal journeys like this as SOFT STREAK posed in ‘Orogeny’. It’s so personal, poignant. It’s just pleasant and good to be around.

Maya Hirasedo – 1959

MAYA HIRASEDO kicks butt in this beautifully powered state of affairs, ‘1959’. And when Maya’s vocals, dominant and strict, takes center stage in this single, it is obvious where her trajectory is headed. The Melbourne based singer injects smoothness and confidence in her usage of her vocals and how her attitude is reflected. She continues her sensual aperture, and you just can’t help but follow her every whim.

CUB – Obsessed ft. Clara Hurtado

“I hate to say it but I’ve definitely been obsessed before” Clara explains, “The feeling goes beyond just liking or even loving someone… of not wanting anyone else.” Billy Farmer is CUB and in his single ‘Obsessed’ he brings a real challenge in relationships with the vocals of Clara Hurtado (The Voice, 2017). And from our point of view, and especially on the chorus, ‘Obsessed’ makes sure that it separates from the rest, by the quirks of the arrangement. The dips and staggering of note just makes it delicious. And that’s just a fabulous thing. In any case, more collabs to come.

Mendi Moon – Lights Out

MENDI MOON is a 22 year old Nordic artist (Finland) and in her latest single ‘Lights Out’ she keeps on rockin’ with emphatic exclamations about relationships and what manifests from that cause. Is it worth it? Is it ALL worth it? Who knows. And when MM asks the question, it’s a stampede of thoughts and rush of tides to your ego. It gets bruised. It’s black and blue. Don’t blame MM for that. Don’t harass the messenger. You have yourself to blame. But MENDI MOON understands. She stands with you.


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