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515 // Pop Pop Row. Tamtam, Posh Hammer, HighSchool Jacob, PLUM, Sonia Stein…

Tamtam – Rise

‘Rise’ is the third release from TAMTAM, the Saudi-born singer-songwriter, and with the accompanying music video, our affection for her charms has been solidified. In stone, we write that: Tamtam is a smart awakening of pop-pop and we just feel it in our bones. It’s a good thing, because we need some good exercise. ‘Rise’ is the realization of what’s inside you. ‘Do’ or ‘Not’. It’s your choice. Know what you can. Then take action. Or not. But you should. It’s your life. Don’t ever forget that.

PRYKA x Westerns – Island (1010)

“I wrote “Island (1010)” in my bedroom 3 years ago as a way of getting outside of myself,” PYRKA stated. “The ‘island’ in the song is the unknown parts of my future and where I can go, with the challenges and exciting experiences that lie ahead. I might’ve been in my bedroom but I was trying to transport myself elsewhere when I wrote the song.” Don’t get lost though, PYRKA. That big over-arching desert in your bedroom can get quite expansive. Put out some bread crumbs, so that you know how to get back. “My, the pink trees on this island is glorious!” Word.

Posh Hammer – To Kill Time

Navied and Tasnim Setayesh are a brother/sister duo who brings that 80’s pop reminiscent of Tiffany and Madonna, back to this future. And they do this with understated flare and chic attitudes for the craft they have chosen. ‘Dancing In Place’ is their latest EP and ‘To Kill Time’ keeps the engine revving as they continue to explore ‘young adulthood’ and the angst that comes with an ‘increasingly digital world’. POSH HAMMER’s been featured before with us, and there’s plenty of reason why they have. Kudos.

Laélia – Television Ft. Inu The Strange

“This song is special to me. Inu the Strange had this crazy idea and I fell in love with it,” Laélia explained. “We worked together from songwriting all the way to the video production and I think we managed to tell this very dark story without losing the catchy pop essence.” Brazil born, London based Laélia keeps on painting the ‘pain’ with the neon 80’s pop brush that helps us numb that inkling. It wakes us up. She makes us go forward, with the strength we all need.

Bianca Gisselle – Broken Isn’t Bad

Oh. Boy. Bianca. What have you done to us? It’s not really fair. In ‘Broken Isn’t Bad’ is an anthemic trouncing of that self-delusion of protecting the thought, memory, or the love that you miss. Now or never, past or future – “be with me, even if it seems counter intuitive.” BIANCA GISSELLE has an awesome voice. High as it wants to be like the Swiss Alps. Then underlying with the kind of strength that only comes with experience that has hurt. Survival is the call. In this single, she thrives.

Alto Aria – I See You

Her debut single ‘I See You’ is a project of Danish singer/songwriter/producer Maria Leth Schütze. In this single, Maria drifts effortlessly from the distinct rooms of descriptions, one white, one red, meaningfully metamorphosing to the rhythms of a nature that hasn’t been described yet. Her debut EP will drop very soon.

New Arcades – Hideaway

We made promises, you and I. But with so many distractions in our daily lives, some have come short of our expectations. Mostly it has been our fault for not being consumed to get these things done. But we still have time. Don’t you agree? “Yes. I believe in you. In us.” Let’s then take a deep breath. Let’s get there. “I love you.” NEW ARCADES is awesome. You want some pep-back-in-your-step? NA is there. You want to feel good as a good 80’s teen coming-of-age movie? NA is there. ‘Hideaway’ is that little corner of the Universe you can feel safe. You can smile and be more optimistic. We did. Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan is NEW ARCADES.

Highschool Jacob – As Long As You Want Me

What a classic feeling single. HIGHSCOOL JACOB is Jacob Masters, and you want to beckon. You want to cry. You want to answer. Action is what you want to do, with this Hall & Oats feeling style of a song. The neon sun sets, and you’re on your way to meet her. She awaits you. The modern elements put the last piece in ‘As Long As You Want Me’. And it’s delicious in its own way. “I’ll do anything for you, baby. Just understand that.”

NorthKid – Give Me A Call

“The song was born on a late Saturday night while waiting for a call which never came. It ended up with me lying in bed all night just looking at my phone hoping she would call,” says member Helge Reinsnes Moen. “She never did, not even a text to cheer me up, so I ended up writing ‘Give Me a Call’ instead. I’m not desperate or anything, but you know who you are, and you still have my number if you’re looking for love.” Oh, how life can be cruel in love. So true. ‘Give Me A Call’ is the 3rd single released by the Norwegian pop band.

Molitor – Side to Side

‘Side To Side’ is set on the plateau of alt-disco Universe, and it wants to seduce you. Bringing the 80’s sentiments and mixing fabulously modern indie-pop conversations, we ARE seduced. Happily. Without hesitation. MOLITOR is a producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, Canada, and in his debut album ‘Belladonna’ (available now) his aim is to caress you in the most sonically applicable ways.

Charity – And There Were Strangers

“I’ll be thinking bout you for a long long time, eternally predicting that you’ll haunt my mind” – lyrics to ‘And There Were Strangers’. The haunting vocals of CHARITY is, in itself, a tale of our collective tragedies. Then that tragic incidents, culminate to another rise. The rise of a new person. CHARITY brings it to a dramatic cliff’s edge in this single, and the journey ends in a happy ending. Will it? The tinge of dark and the light, makes this single what it is. You’re not quite sure the protagonist will make it through to the other side, relatively unharmed – emotionally ready again. That’s why we root for her/him.

CK at the Batez Hotel – Under A Spell

CK AT THE BATEZ HOTEL was formed by CK Jones and Norman Batez. The duo, in this version of ‘Under A Spell’ brings out a female lead vocalist to tell the tale of a beautiful pastel neon sunset of that glorious end of summer romance. There’s no going back. There’s only you and her, holding, kissing, and making love – never wanting this episode in your lives to end. The sun will rise again, and the regular ‘masks’ of life will have to be put back on. “Let’s make it really special tonight.”

Laura Roy – Company (Prod. GEO)

‘Company’ is the 3rd single off of LAURA ROY’s upcoming EP ‘Forte’ (drops September 28th). “Vulnerability was a skill that I had to learn and get comfortable with in order for me to heal from the things that I had gone through and to then, write some of the most personal music I have written to date.” Laura’s R&B/Soul acumen is evident and obvious with this one single. The talent just over-flows over the brim. Her tantalizing vocals might be the one you’d been looking for.

Sonia Stein – Lover

You get swept up by SONIA STEIN. Bar-none. Like the sun above, we can rely on Sonia to bring the heat. The cool us down with the gentle palpability of her vocal destinies. She describes ‘Lover’ as: “Re-emerging from that phase of a relationship where you do everything together and your lives are completely intertwined and realizing that no matter how much love there is, You need to be connected to your creativity to feel complete. It’s about acknowledging that we need to take our time to find that again but that that doesn’t weaken our bond in any way.” Word.

JohnT – Come Around

Fun. Technical interests. Electro significance. Combination of delectable percussions, and rightly placed sound manipulations mean that JOHNT is on the cusp of that edge-cliff: all the time, but just smiling away to make his audience happy, smiling, dancing. This Marseille, France based artist has zero boundaries to his music making. Anything goes. Of course, as long as we all can just enjoy the enthusiasm he’s poured in songs like, ‘Come Around’. And we dig that.

PLUM – Out Of Love

Ethereal, somber, with the twist of optimism in the lyrics make ‘Out Of Love’ so very attractive. The 80’s theme synth brings the nostalgia, like a dream that we’re just glancing through our night’s rest. But then the lyrics of this single juxtaposes what has been, so that what ‘can be’ is still highly possible in this little single’s Universe. Listen to the musical combination. PLUM’s new EP ‘D.R.I.P’ is out now.

Matthew Rapp – Place

Questions of where we’re going is a direct assault on that relationship you’d never thought would be effected. Then it suddenly crumbles at your feet. There’s zero dialogue. Zero interaction. Why has it become this way? What had you done to deserve this? “I was there when you needed me.” I know. “Why are you leaving me.” Because it’s time. “Can’t you answer the damn question?” You don’t deserve the answer. We all want to return to that safe place. And maybe sometimes, you just need time.

Annie Tisshaw – Mr Rockstar

ANNIE TISSHAW doesn’t want to hear your shit. You take it up a notch, or just go ‘home’. She does what she wants to do, when ever she’d like. Just a reminder. ‘Mr Rockstar’ seems like a warning to the most aggressive, or to the ones who just wants to be in the game. Don’t hesitate. Explore. Challenge yourself. Annie’s there for you, if you’re clever. Annie wants to see you be a bit uncomfortable. That’s just the way it is.

Skyler Stonestreet – It Kinda Hurts

“‘It Kinda Hurts’ tells the tale of what happens after a relationship – that sticky place in between love and hate, where seeing someone you once had feelings for…It’s a song about how emotions and connections just don’t immediately disappear because you stop dating someone,” Skyler said. We’ve all kind of been there. Awkward. But makes you, to be honest, a bit gratified, that still feelings remain. We’re funny animals, humans are. It was a phase. It was a chapter. We move on. But feelings managed with a tight grip. And the world turns, once more.

Kayvahn – Don’t Know (feat. SILKIN)

This time KAYVAHN get the beautiful vocals of SILKIN to help with this production, in the cause for love and for lovers. “I want to know more about you.” You can, after tonight. “That’s what makes me a bit nervous. Are you going to hurt me?” No. “I’m only going to love you. The way you like. The way we should.” Kiss me.

Juan Donovan – Don’t Stop (feat. Danni Jackson)

Refreshing is what’s good for this latest from producer JUAN DONOVAN. Vocalist Danni Jackson puts down the fun and 80’s feel to this effervescent call for action: “love for the love of it”. ‘Don’t Stop’ is an invitation to the right moves. The night is young, and it’s ready to be taken over. And through this R&B tinged production, you must get to that party. We assume you did. And had the night of your life, with the new lover in your life.

Sugiwon – Out At Five

This R&B induced production by SUGIWON tells you that you have already been in love. “What do you want from me?” Don’t disturb me from what’s being done here. Don’t let the flow stop. Chasing the dream is all about emphasis, reminder, action, consistency. Wrecking your head with mis-thoughts and internal strife, tears your soul apart – in time – in life. The pressure has to be let out. The pressure mustn’t get to you. The pressure must be turned into your ally. ‘Out At Five’ could be construed as that valve being opened – for that moment – for survival, for the next day. We do what we can. We all do what we promised to ourselves. Dig it.


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