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515 // Pop Pop Row. The Rooks, Lassai, Aphir, BETS, SaNTINO, Trafton…

The Rooks – Waiting

‘Waiting’ is the in the best tradition of mega artist like Baby Face, Maxwell, Brian McKnight, Leon Bridges. Every time when THE ROOKS take the stage, in your earphones, or live in concert, they take their brand of funk and soul, then wraps it up in the soft-rock tinges that makes everyone who listens to them, happy. In the easiest and simplest terms, when music makes everyone feel that way, it’s two thumbs up – always. Never heard THE ROOKS before? Get into them now. It’s your chance.

nicopop. – Below The Ceiling

nicopop. knows how to do pop. Seriously. Comes up with gold, so many times. Weekend? Get nicopop. on your rotation. Weekday? Not having a good day? All perfect for nicopop. to re-introduce you to ‘happiness’. At least sonically. And isn’t that what music should be? ‘Below The Ceiling’ gets you going, and will color your sky, the way you’d like. Neon pink? You got it. Let’s just dance. nicopop. is Nicolas DiPietrantonio, and he’s a fab visual artist, with a keen sense of humor, for the fun of it. Word.

Adrian Javon – All Bad

Being ‘proud’ is what helps people from calling for ‘help’. It may be that it’s just genetic. It may be just learned, and the habitual chains cannot be broken. But love is the end prize. She deserves your honesty. Will she be let in? Into your heart, and life? Up to you. Don’t suffer alone, for it’ll just crumble around you. ADRIAN JAVON brings the goods in this smooth call to arms ‘All Bad’.

Col3man & Carling – How Low

COL3MAN: “In the couple years I’ve been friends with Carling, we always talked about making a song together, and I’m so glad we finally did. Ever since the first session I knew this song was something special. After months of work, I couldn’t be more excited to let the world hear our song.” CARLING: “‘How Low’ is a very special song. It has made me feel that it’s ok to have your heart broken. How Low is the hug that we all need when we don’t know who to talk to because we miss someone. I don’t know whether to dance or cry to this song. It’s in-between pop and dance music. It’s in-between happy and sad. It’s the grey area we have all been in, and it makes the grey comfortable rather than confusing.” Beautiful. Just like the stylings of this single ‘How Low’

Cambry H – WANNA BE

Off of his EP ‘Libra’, CAMBRY H shows his wares with ‘Wanna Be’, a single drizzling with r&b components, is indescribably attractive, and purposefully decadent to the ears. There’s a hint of reaching back and re-introducing the stylings of the early 2000’s, where the irreducible complexities of the single, captures the mind and heart – making them incapacitated with affection. Get into CAMBRY H. Shouldn’t be really hard.

Sasha Ka – Now You Want Me

SASHA KA is one of those rare singer/songwriters who just knows what construction of a pop single should be. One great example is this song ‘Now You Want Me’. Utilizing the style reminiscent of many girl/boy bands of the 90’s, she criss-crosses the edges of pop and r&b with a fervor and expertise that we’d not heard in a while. ‘Now You Want Me’ is such a fabulous candy coated love song, and we just can’t get enough. Lovely.

Girl Wilde – BADSIDE

Second guessing? Just curious? Maybe, just unsure. Whatever the scenario, it’s torture. Does she wanna be with me? He’s into me right? I want her so bad. He’s so yummy. Well, who knows. One thing’s for sure though. GIRL WILDE’s single ‘Badside’ is the Los Angeles pop artist’s debut single and it’s raw, harsh, raucous, and finely tuned to kick you up your cheeks. Sassiness to the N-th degree, no? FYI: look for some great stuff in the near future.

Lassai – Fixated

We’d featured LASSAI before for his single ‘Horizon’. And be warned. His smooth r&b fabulousness is throughout his singles. He’s a singer/songwriter and Actor, who is in the vein of artists like Maxwell. Just so good. Just so, by foundation is very much ‘classic’. The Chicago artist continues his trek up the ladder.

Cassandra Maz – I Don’t Need Your Love

Being self-reliant, is good for the soul. Your soul. The human mind and aspirations that garner such decisions, never is all clear. However, we are humans, and we strive to do the best we could. The first steps in achieving this, is to know yourself, first. Then toiling to think and form an answer for your own questions: “Am I ready?” CASSANDRA MAZE takes that question, and leaves it for what the future brings in ‘I Don’t Need your Love’ off of the new upcoming EP ‘Asymmetry’ (November 9th). It’s an unquenchable thirst. Must find that right oasis.

Conan Gray – Crush Culture

CONAN GRAY burst into the scene several months ago, and his style of music (reminiscent of Lorde), is infectious, and undeniably perfect for any play. The airy and substantive music, ultimately envelopes every fiber of your being, whilst listening. Conan’s gift is of course recognizing such gifts for construction. We’d featured his first single a month ago, with ‘Generation Why’. Seduction is the word of the day, both in ‘Crush Culture’ & ‘Generation Why’, for sure. Conan is still in concert mode, while his much anticipated debut EP ‘Sunset Season’ is set to drop, November 16th.

Shocka – Self Love

London based artist SHOCKA is about social justice. At the same time he wants everyone to be loved, and taken care of with decency. ‘Self Love’ features BROOKE BAILI in the hopes in raising awareness of “the rising UK mental ill- health issues, which according to the Mental Health Foundation are more prevalent amongst Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.” SHOCKA continued: “This song is my gift to the world, it’s a message that we all need to hear. We all need to love ourselves a bit more and turn our imperfections into our perfections. i hope this song becomes your soundtrack you play while you’re on your journey to ‘Self Love’.”

SC.UNDERCOVER – ‘Careful With That Heart (I’m So Numb)’

SC.UNDERCOVER is a 23 year old US-UK artist. ‘Careful With That Heart (I’m So Numb)’. He’s the guiding light through that darkened cave. He will try his best not to fade. He will make the hallways of boulders, bright with brilliance. Take his hand to that promised expectation. Will you? Let him know.

Aphir – The One You Bet On

“When I wrote this song I was thinking about how I’d like to have the resources to be genuinely helpful when the people close to me are scared about the future,” APHIR stated. “I think it’s hard to get to that point when you’re feeling uncertain about how things are going to turn out for you as well – writing this song was a kind of therapy for that confusion” Australian songwriter and producer, Becki Whitton is APHIR. ‘The One You Bet On’ is gorgeous. Of course Becki’s vocals make it delectable, but more importantly, it’s the way she expresses with each ‘breath’. Layer it with, the gentile mark-ups of her synth notes, the single is hard to walk away from. Get magnetic. Get attracted to APHIR.

BETS – Left My City

BETS is Betsy Hershey, and she is an anomaly of the best-est kind. The NYC based artist shocks us with her creations, just like ‘Left My City’. Her newest collection of songs are directly from the life-changing experience from a serious bike accident that caused so much pain physically and emotionally. Being a songwriter, is a good thing sometimes, and we feel BETS knows that like no one else. ‘Left My City’ explores the fundamentalism of what being ‘strong’ is all about. It’s not about physical prowess. It’s about what’s in between your ears. Like we said, the ‘best-est’ kind of expression.

SaNTINO – Boutique Le Freak

You just can’t go wrong with the outputs from SaNTINO. You want a mix of PRINCE and a night at STUDIO 54? You got it. And ‘Boutique Le Freak’ adds the beautiful humor to the whole deal. You say you didn’t want it in your drink? Too bad. Here it is. Tastes good, right? From the look of your right-side up smile, we think you agree. Just enjoy this. Simple enough.

Trafton – Hyperreal

“‘Hyperreal’ is about realizing that someone isn’t as extraordinary as you’ve built them up to be in your head. It’s liberation and a chance to move on, but it’s also the loss of whatever that enhanced image promised”. TRAFTON is a New Hampshire based artist and his new track is drizzly, beckoning heartbeat to the one that got away, but is still haunting your every fiber. Temporary. And things must move forward. They do.

Stalking Gia – PTSD

New York City based artist STALKING GIA attacks you with her new single ‘PTSD’. Don’t let her ‘demur’ vocal style. She’s a tiger underneath, and her heart is bigger than you. ‘PTSD’ is the title single off of the upcoming new EP which drops November 23rd. We know. You just can’t imagine SG being that ‘tiger’. Listen to her lyrics, and the tone of delivery, for she knows your limits and short-comings. As the single builds up to another level of ‘strength’, the formidable breath of awareness and musical sensibilities, come to play. She will melt your very soul.


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