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515 // Pop Pop Row. Tiana Khasi, Harts, Nala, KESMAR, STAL, Bad Sun Corp.

Tiana Khasi – Nuketown

“At the time of writing Nuketown, I was processing the end of one too many toxic relationships in which my strength was underestimated,” stated the Tiana Khasi about ‘Nuketown’. “The song gave me a chance to have a more confrontational conversation… In hindsight, this contrasting imagery represented how something picturesque and perfect can be a smokescreen for something more destructive, inevitably imploding into beautiful chaos” The single is a beautiful rebuke to the processes of a relationship, and the often remaining residue left over. Resolution can be difficult; but loving Tiana’s song is easy.

Harts – Shake Ya Pants

On Nov 2nd, HARTS’ Australian tour begins starting from The Fat Controller in Adelaide. It’s an exciting time for the artist, who brings just straight up funk-pop fun in the danceable ‘shake what your parents gave ya’ kind of package. And it’s a fun event. This time around expectation of is upcoming shows will include new music, and a bigger live band. Fun? Heck yea.

Bad Sun Corp. – ト1

Nothing’s really known about the synth-wave and electronica producer BAD SUN CORP at the moment. All we know is that he probably is located in Japan (Or Australia), and that he makes some compelling chill singles that prods and provokes a reaction from within. No matter what, the rationalization of the notes that he creates and compiles in ‘ト1’ is the definition of minimalism aesthetics that is just packed with multiple layers of haunting challenges and concerns from the protagonist’s point of view. It’s the LAST FIGHT, and the answer for what Ails him, must be rectified. If not, soon there will be a big price to pay. Hope to hear more and more from BSC.

FrankK – Fantasy Boy

“I wanted to capture that stalker vibe. And I think every single one of us has 10% of that stalker gene deep down” says FrankK. “Think about it – have you ever gone so deep into someone’s Facebook photos or friends that you get scared of yourself? So deep into someone’s Instagram feed that if you accidentally double-tap, you might faint? Yep.” LOL. FRANKK knows our hearts AND minds. We agree, indeed. And with the seductive vocals attributable to FRANKK’s singles, there’s not doubt there will be plenty of ‘stalker fans’ who will deep dive into her social media world.

Little Brother Eli – Stop Pretending

LITTLE BROTHER ELI is a 4 piece band from Oxford UK. Think pop-funk, delving deep into disco, electro, and rock – wrapped up like a nice California roll of goodness. Tasty, nutritious, compact, and and event to listen to. And in ‘Stop Pretending’ they demonstrate the exact aura of what they’re trying to display for the band. The enthusiasm flows with their performances, and seems there’s nothing to keep them from lyrical glory, as they fit. They’re planning on releasing another single in coming November. And we at CHF, are looking forward to that.

Nala – Telepathy

TELEPATHY is an interesting prospect form NALA, the L.A. native with the senses for building ambience in her music. The DJ with the attitude, comes at us with a definition for the rightful heir to the thrown in the minds of what can be. There can only be one, as they say. But can’t there be more? To enjoy? To love? To hold? “Come sit with me. Next to me. I won’t bite,” she exclaimed. “Unless I feel like biting. Only you have the power to make it come true.” NALA’s got the sensibilities to take her far, for sure.

L’FREAQ – New Skin

L’FREAQ is Lea Cappelli. She’s a dynamo. She doesn’t take any kind of shinanigans. From her decision to move from Arizona to New York City, and the decisions on the style of music she produces – supports that exclamation to the part of her personality that has brought her to this point. Her music – simply mystifies and radiates the strength and gumption the artist has acumulated throughout her life. Combination of rock and pop, makes L’FREAQ a destination, and not just a speed sign on the highway. It’s poignant. It’s delicious. It’s decadent. It’s tragic. It’s dramatic. All of the things you want.

KESMAR – Feel It Again

“After a relationship ends, I think a lot of us question ourselves in heartbreak, asking: Will I feel it again? Will I feel the same way I felt when we together?” stated KESMAR. “I turned the last line of the chorus to ‘but it won’t be with you,’ bluntly meaning that if I ever feel it again, it will not be with you.” KESMAR is Nathan Hawes and the Sydney located artist brings that private and redemptive feelings we all feel after such catastrophe in our lives. We learn, accept, then become wiser and stronger – and that’s just the way it is. KESMAR just makes it alright to go forward.

STAL – Jump With Me

As Autumn comes for another seasonal visit, we reflect on the opportunities we’d had during the year. As there were many that slipped through the fingers, many others were held with vice like grips. And every year, there are gals and guys who crossed paths with us, and for whatever the reason, never had the chance to build an intimate relationship. But don’t be down. It’s a long road. And when that ‘special someone’ comes your way, be better prepared, next time. “Jump In”, the water might be perfect for you two – together. ‘Jump With Me’ is a note on the positivity of YOU and the ME, holding hand, and tackling the world TOGETHER. Why not. STAL is Pierre-Marie Maulini originally from Paris (now in L.A.), now adding his unique musical take into scene. His new EP ‘Fresh Blood’ is available now.

Emma Leone – Something inside me

“…Within, within, within me…” This little highly hooky single is from EMMA LEONE, and she has something to SAY. The tension of the emotional volume is set to explode in the protagonist, and the listener just wants to cheer her on to just ‘scream’ it out to the world. The world needs to hear it. The world within her, needs to hear it. The colors from this song depicts a kaleidoscope of shades, all deep seeded and delicious to hear. The impassioned plea lives within those little phrases. This is the first single release for EMMA LEONE, and looking forward to what she does in the near future.

KYZR – Forever Always

KYZR is a pair of brothers named MARCEL JULIUS and STEFAN THOMAS. And the two producers and multi-instrumentalists make pop sensual, and very much poignant. It sits right on top of your chest, reminding you of the things that you promised yourself. It’s hard to breathe. It’s a time of retrospection. The seriousness of the matter, comes to fore. Then in a flash, it hits you. Forget the bad, it isn’t as important as the good. “Be mine!” Good decision, for she was waiting for your awakening. The brothers are master producers and know how to get the emotions amplified. Sure did in ‘Forever Always’, to be certain.

American Wolf – Zen

Standing outside the convenience store, I saw you for the first time. I almost dropped my soda, while I was in the process of drinking it. You had your hair up in a bun, with light blue hue tinted sunglasses. And you came out of the store, with a bag of goods, and the attitude of a person going places. You were beautiful. As I fumbled to catch my can of soda, you glanced at me with a snicker. But your gaze lingered for a nano-second more than I expected. AMERICAN WOLF is a dynamic producer of 80’s and 90’s synth-pop and dream-pop sensibilities. Love, hate, love, and acceptance, brings his songs into target. The Chicago located producer sure knows his stuff, for dang sure. Word.


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