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Birthday – Free City

Birthday’s Free City is a ‘swirver’. What do we mean? It takes us on a small journey, then drops us off at a bus stop, then picks us up at the mall. Then later on, Free City, says “where’s your friend ’80’s rock-pop’ and ’90’s emo-pop’? Then we reply by saying “don’t know” but keep the song on in the car.

Weird right?

But that’s what we feel like in the song. From the interesting interpretation of what a bridge is to the ultimate victory at the end of the song.

Weird huh?

It’s that odd feeling that got us. The weird nauseous feeling when talking to that beautiful girl. It’s that weird feeling when you’re about to make a life changing career move. It’s that weird feeling when suddenly you’re a dad.

Sometimes life hits you and slaps you on your cheek. But sometimes, that slap is full of good surprises and bright prospects.

And we think Free City is one of those things that is ‘there’, don’t know what to make of it, but “we keep on, keepin’ on” with its offerings.

We dig it.



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