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Spotting – Good Job

Spotting’s Good Job is a dirty bomb, castration laden, bumblebee humming, buzzing-in-your-head, ‘what the f*ck is this’ music extravaganza. And that’s putting it lightly.

Yep, we know. “Hey there are plenty of nu punk banks out there, why Spotting?”

One thing’s for sure (and we say lots), the x-factor on the presentation of the song (including their other songs) are just manic-Monday good.

Meaning, it kicks out the cobwebs from our brain cells.

Meaning, it’s pure like the new ‘driven snow’.

It’s fluffy, bright, and brings new light into a life’s travels.

The song’s execution, might seem, ‘same old, same old’. But we beg to differ.

It’s a 2 minute fanatic pace, outlander – landing on the surface of Mars – and there’s a song to rescue you; kind of deal.

Heck, we don’t know. It’s just a fab song, and we loved it for the moment of air it provided us.

Anywho, we dug it. We still dig it. You should too.

They’re rep’ed by No Patience Records, out of Melbourne Australia. Check ’em both out!

Oh, and they’re busy little bees, Spotting is – with shows in October and November in Australia.

> 20th – 21st October ’17 – Brisbane Tour
> 20th October ’17 – Paradise Records, Brisbane
> 21st October ’17 – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane
> 19th November ’17 – Melbourne Music Week



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