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John K. Samson – Prayer For Ruby Elm

In a underpass, after a harrowing month, struggles, and challenges – you’ve won. You’ve gotten through. You smile. John K. Samson’s Prayer For Ruby Elm is that breath of air- deep breath of air – so needed.

You can smile now.

The stress seeps out of your shoulders. The small muscles in your head, relax. The twinge in your neck suddenly, but slowly, lessen.

It’s that kind of feel and aura, Prayer For Ruby Elm announces to us, here at CHF. It’s a ‘yogic’ moment.

Calm your soul, brother. It won’t take long.
The certainty is here, won’t waste your time.
The times have been hard. And we know.
That tripping, cussing, wrangling, we all must.
Have dissipated. Hissed.

John’s from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and certainly matches the American view of what Canadians are supposed to be. Kind, gentle, thoughtful, introspective, out-reaching. We’re glad the stereotype sticks. It helps in us enjoying his music. His songs. His tales.

Yes. That’s a bit too much of an ignorant method of complimenting, for sure.

But who are we kidding, even if he’s in some different get-up (let’s say in a rock band), it won’t change the fact that – this is some good sh*t.

Wait, he IS in a rock band (The Weakerthans) as well!

Anywho, have a listen at his other songs on this side of John.

Gentleness, never knew such fire in folk song making.

Kudos, John. Kudos.

And yep. We dig!

He’s touring in the mid-west United States at the moment, while swinging around to NYC October 31st to show off his wares.

John’s rep’ed by Anti- & Epitaph Records. Two cool labels, always kicking butt.



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