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The Atlantic: When 20,000 American Nazis Descended Upon New York City. A Marshall Curry Film.

In towns like: Sussex Hills (NJ), Union City (NJ) Griggstown (NJ), Hindenberg park (CA), Yaphank (NY), Andover (NJ) and White Plains (NY), and many other locations – sympathizers of the American-Nazis movement was apparent.

Nazis apologists existed across many ethnic and cultural segments of the United States population. It wasn’t only the German-Americans who sympathized with the European Nazis movement and philosophies. As well, there were many more (by the Millions) German-Americans who were not part of the ‘Bund’ movement, nor ascribe to their message.

However, the visuals were associated with the German-Americans, because the Nazis were of German political origins.

And in the mid-1930’s, it was accepted by many in the United States, as a step towards a new world order, culminating with the founding of the German-American Bund.

The founder was Fritz Julius Kuhn who emulated the political statements of Nazi party and Adolf Hitler. His vision was of a New Germany in the United States and beyond.

However, the organization was dissolved (after an investigation conducted by then Mayor of NYC, Fiorello La Guardia) in 1941, after the conviction and imprisonment of Kuhn (embezzlement) in 1939.

In this film, at the height of Nazi support, the group demonstrated their numbers at the, then, biggest stage in the world – Madison Square Garden in NYC. Protests were apparent, contention was thick, and it divided many who saw and read about the event.

“In 1939, the German American Bund organized a rally of 20,000 Nazi supporters at Madison Square Garden in New York City. When Academy Award-nominated documentarian Marshall Curry stumbled upon footage of the event in historical archives, he was flabbergasted. Together with Field of Vision, he decided to present the footage as a cautionary tale to Americans.”

The Atlantic


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