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Makeness – Loud Patterns

Makeness’ Loud Patterns aims itself to orient our sense for ‘noise’, and what can happen odd solutions and thoughts. The song takes a chunk out of our virtual appetite – making us hungry, thirsty, and angry. Angry for the disprit haunting the song produces. Leaving us in tatters, nodding our limp brain cases.

What we’re saying is that this song isn’t a song. It’s really a tool for us to make excuses – in musical interior designing – ‘that drape is all right for the room’.

Because we humans get lost. And sometimes, on purpose.

Just want to get away from the girlfriend or boyfriend. Walk out to the car. Get in. Turn on the ignition.

Drive out.


Nowhere in particular.

Need some time to decompress.

It’s hell of a time, this day – Tuesday evening.

‘Loud Patterns’ is on, in the car. Turn it on, louder.

Trance is inevitable. Let’s turn on this corner.

That traffic light is broken.

You don’t care.

‘Loud Patterns’ is on – you care.

Let’s go back. Let’s hug it out.

Makeness is an anti-transigent interpretation – of sound, music, cultivation of those thoughts.

It’s a killing brew – quiet, unassuming.

We dig.

Makeness is rep’ed by those rascally rabbits at Secretly Canadian.

Both are fab, and check ’em both out!



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