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Yawn Mower – Paddle Out

The first thing that got to us, was the first intro guitar bars. Yawn Mower’s Paddle Out is that ‘Brooklyn-ish-don’t-give-me-sh*t’ rock slacker tablet. The song is fun, weird, has horns – what can be better??

Listen to the song and has such a great vibe.

And in parts of the song has that awesome 90’s alt-rock, ‘The Presidents of the United States of America’, ‘Weezer’, ‘Space Hog’, and/or ‘Cake’, vibe going on.

It’s still a viable Vibe, and there are many (including us at CHF) encourage such dork weirdness!

Well, the song is such fun – and that’s the point of it.

And it sticks with you.

There’s substance in all that dork-dom.

There’s meat in those straggly thighs.

There’s ‘rock’ in those fabulous arrangements.

The duo are NJ natives, doing their best to have fun, hang out, and make some tunes they love.

We dig that.

They work with Aftermath Collective, a cool show booking & promo org.



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