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615 // Folk Prophecy. For The Secret Line Dancing And Banjo Loving, YOU.

Lindsay Clark – Grow

“I found myself grappling with distance,” says Clark in regards to the album. “My own distance from myself, geographical distance, and emotional distance in relationships with others, whether that was by choice or by circumstance. Somehow, through that, I found closeness in the songs themselves.” And in one of her singles in the album, ‘Grow’ helps continue that tickle between the gaps of a moment in a relationship, and the gap between self. Lindsay Clark’s new LP ‘Crystalline’ is available now.

Hang Rounders – June Bug

‘Honky Tonking’ is a cool phrase. It’s what we, at CHF, likes to do, if it’s a mellow evening that deserves a few brewskies, some line dancing with our gals. It’s some Spring evening, or some nice dry early fall get together, but heck it’s a fab time. And that’s what HANG ROUNDERS’ ‘June Bug’ helps us remember. We actually can’t dance well, so, we do our best. And ‘June Bug’ inspires to hang on tight. Fun song, for sure. HANG ROUNDERS is a 5 piece Denver/Nashville based, and ALL country.

Riley Catherall – Robin

Canberra region’s RILEY CATHERALL is a marvel. The accomplished songwriter is a perfect insert into that gentle and beautiful Universe where bodies of work from James Jaylor reside. The folk, country, Americana roots related musical talents of Riley is apparent and obvious from the first notes. The care and free inspection of human hearts and reactions, affably understand and depict correctly of the fallibility of our emotional abilities. An EP is scheduled to drop a bit later in the year. Kudos.

Rich Krueger – Don

RICH KRUEGER is an entertainer. And he’s fabulous. In his single ‘Don’ he takes us to that childhood memory filled with historical injections and incidents in town with famous celebrities, that may or may not have happened. Well, at least in THIS Universe. The folk framing of the lyrics by Rich’s sincere feeling vocal habits, is delicious and easy to like. It’s fun. It’s real fun. Knee slapping fun. Nice.

Charlie Hole – The City

Last month we proudly had CHARLIE HOLE’s single ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ was on our August play list. Charlie’s no stranger to us at CHF, as you can tell. And there’s a good reason, for his lyrical craft is majestic to listen to. Also, in this single ‘The City’, his undertone snarl is perfect in this tale of an emotional journey. With a slight Springsteen-esque brushing of the palette, ‘The City’ is as affable and fab as Charlie’s past singles. Get to know this, and Charlie.

Rich Latimer – Sweet September

‘Sweet September’ is a story of RICH LATIMER’s grandmother Joan Noakes, and the time when she knew she didn’t have too much time left on this Earth. Rich celebrates her by reliving her words during those days when he stayed with her to help take care of her, and the words she spoke: “everyone’s time must come”. ‘Sweet September’ is the second single from his solo album ‘Dreamer’, which is to drop in early 2019. The imperfect vocals of Rich, is exactly what keeps his music attractive to the soul, where mix of kindness, thoughtfulness, and a nervous moxie, lines the edges of his voice. There’s always time to reflect. We all should.


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