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615 // Folk Prophecy. Mia And Jonah, Azure Ray, Scott Pettigrew, Isadora Eden, Starry Skies.

Mia and Jonah – Sugarbones

MIA Mustari and JONAH Blumstein has been making music together since the early 2000’s. And in this single ‘Sugarbones’, they continue their exploration into the heart and the mischievous ways we deal with our lives. But surely, it really doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. Mia’s voice is just fabulous as usual with haunting gravity, definitely the defining corner of this single, particularly. But with Johah’s vocals and the arrangement, they finely and delicately framing this story. Their latest ‘Spin As One’ is available now.

Azure Ray – Palindrome

Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink make AZURE RAY the way it is. The project has a storied history, but now, with this single ‘Palindrome’, there is cause for celebration, for the chorus in this song pulls at our heartstrings like a harp. The ‘love’ and ‘longing’ is clear and direct with the lyrics. And the strings make this a delight of no ordinary feat. It’s a nostalgic look back to multiple genres, from 80’s pop niches and certain aspects of folk/country. The beauty if AZURE RAY’s ray of sunshine within the dark. Pulls it off fabulously in this single.

Scott Pettigrew – Rising Tide

SCOTT PETTIGREW is a singer/songwriter from Regina, Saskatchewan. That’s in Canada. And just like the fabulous offerings of Canada, the crisp and refreshing interpretation of country-pop is here for us to enjoy. ‘Rising Tide’ does that to our country music tendencies. This ballad of sorts is a serenade and a prediction of a certain self-conviction. No matter what the culture is like at the moment, no worries – it’s steady as she goes. “Will you join me Mary Elizabeth?” We were bit pleasantly surprised by Scott’s decision of leaving his vocals mixed this way. It’s a rare move, but it fit fine with this single, for dang sure. Kudos.

Isadora Eden – Without You

Walking home from a long drunken night in the city, I see the sun rising slowly up from Avenue A. The streets are quiet, and seems like I was the only one here. I suddenly got the chills. Then my thoughts turned to you. Your face. Your touch. Your warm embrace. But I was alone, in the city, trying to determine where I really stood. ISADORA EDEN’s ‘Without You’ is a complex and layered presentation of our ways of dealing with emotions. Thinking internally. Suffering, maybe. Technically this single is simple. However, Isadora’s vocals and the combination of the words, make it more than a one layered cake of self-introspection. External forces hint at life’s deviations. Maybe Isadora has the key.

Starry Skies – Be Kind

STARRY SKIES’ 2nd album ‘Be Kind’ drops October 12th. They return to the fore with the airy and poignant folk-rock music that will continue to touch your heart, as much as this title single does us. The Glasgow, Scotland based band songwriter/singer Warren McIntyre explained: “There are not enough people being kind to each other…It’s really clichéd but it’s nice to be nice. I decided I wanted to be more straightforward lyrically and send a simple message about spending the rest of my time on this planet being as kind as I can as much as I can.” Word.


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