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615 // Folk Prophecy. Paul Moody, James Houlahan, Jon Reynolds, Tommy Ocean, Flow Commotion.

Paul Moody and the Revelators – Hate Being Alone

PAUL MOODY AND THE REVELATORS mix folk, Americana, soul, and the willingness to satisfy our urges to smile. Listen to the horns. Listen to the effervescent optimism from the arrangement. It’s a win-win. Especially in ‘Hate Being Alone’, where the situation for life is about ‘loving life, as it might have been and what it could become. Charge forward. ‘Hate Being Alone’ (title track & EP name) is the band’s second EP, and the Chicago based 7 piece group has you covered.

James Houlahan – Memories Outer Space

JAMES HOULAHAN is a mix of roots, alt-folk, combined with the rock sensibility of some past decades of story telling. Poignant rapture and the dark substitutions in emotions and inklings, give the picture of ‘doubt’ on the protagonists of his songs. But they become, enlightened – a super-ethereal awakening. ‘Memories Outer Space’ gives that emphatic demonstration in the ‘calm-neutral’ of what we all go through in reality. But things get done. We analyze. We evaluate. We get afraid. We prevail. This single is off of James’ album ‘The Wheel Still in Spin’. James skills are glorious to hear. Have at it, y’all.

Jon Reynolds & The Aches – Tomorrow’s News

“I promised myself 4 years ago, when I first moved to Nashville, that I would make music I believed in: music that I was passionate about personally,” Jon Reynolds stated. “Tomorrow’s News” really defined the theme of the project: Fear. Every song I have written, especially this one, deals with the concerns I have about the world I live in. I can only imagine that others share those same fears. So, I decided to not be fancy and just call it what it was.” JON REYNOLDS & THE ACHES is a project of Jon Reynolds. And he’s so very talented. His musical skills, for sure. But it’s always about reaching out and communicating to the public. And in ‘Tomorrow’s News’ from the first bar to the last, it definitely spoke to our CHF sensibilities. With a mission in hand, he took his future to heart and forged forward. Now, a string of singles will drop for the rest of 2018. Then the band’s debut EP will be released in January 2019. We want to hear Jon’s take after the November congressional election has been tallied. Don’t we all.

Tommy Ocean – Which Way The Wind Blows

The way TOMMY OCEAN presents his single ‘Which Way The Wind Blows’ the story telling is given for us to absorb as a story that isn’t quite ‘credible’ to the hero of the song. And this is important because it is very much humanizing, and it hits home for us. No matter how good at you are at something in life, there exists a minute part of you that is a bit ‘hesitant’. And in ‘Which Way The Wind Blows’, the protagonist states that he/she will go where life deems possible, but the inner-self is both excited and nervous. This feeling is evident (at least for us) in the way Tommy ends his inflection with the word ‘…blows’ within the chorus. It’s a flag planted in the ground, an anthem to behold, but with the human dynamic, that is food for thought.

Flow Commotion – Come Back Home

FLOW COMMOTION brings the acoustic heat with a dab of ‘prog’ and a dab of ‘folk’. But most importantly, the band brings the energy that you can feel and hear, even from the ‘subdued’ acoustic sonic proposals. There’s a tale of the band members’ own personal journeys that effect the overall bodies of work. And it’s none different in ‘Come Back Home’. The single dedicates itself to the word that are being stated, and with the accompaniment of the instruments, it gently massages the narrative of the hungry band into form. The Sydney based band is very enthusiastic about their musical future, and we’re on the same thought-wave-length with them. Word.


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