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AUTOBAHN – Execution/Rise

Autobahn’s Execution/Rise is a head scratcher. What do we mean by that? The song makes us itch. Literally and figuratively – a frenzy of worked up foam, filled our brains. It’s that coffee foam, with a touch of spice sauce, we kinda wanted. The song is frustratingly honest. It’s frighteningly a dash of sledgehammer to the forehead.

Too much description? Does it make sense to say that about the song?

Heck yea.

A thumping histrionics, built into the sub-4 minute “seemingly” chaotic ballad by the guys in the band – it’s melodramatic, it’s substantially hypnotic.

It’s a good thing.

The hard drive in one’s mind’s eye, collapses in white flag – drooling like a amputated limb – huddled in the corner.

Roll those eyes, cream white. Take that tea kettle, burned bottom.
Rock the baby’s cradle, scandalously abhorrent.
It’s your duty to serve. Serve that which is bound.
Bounce with me baby, it’s all right now, right here.
Touch it for what it is.
Exist while we can.

This single is several released from the upcoming album, “The Moral Crossing”. The new album, which will drop November 3rd, 2017, will be the band’s 2nd full album.

The band is rep’ed by Tough Love Records and Felte.

Kudos, Authobahn. Kudos.



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