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Sam Padrul – You Can’t Dance

Give us some retro 1980’s feel bars and combine it with whimsical and reminiscing lyrics, and we’re on it. Sam Patrul’s You Can’t Dance is a fun and stroll down memory lane of a song. Put that collar up, and let the music make you bob to the beat.

What do we know about the 80’s?

One hit wonders, Lamborghinis, neon colors, leg warmers, and yea, ‘coming of age movies’.

And this is where this song by Sam, lives.

Warm and fuzzy.

Take his hand, and let’s go down to Rodeo Drive – let’s window shop till we see those glorious shoulder pads.

Take his hand, and let’s go down to southern California – and let Mr. Shoop give you a lesson in ‘life’.

Take Sam’s hand, and let’s give love a try – it works in that 80’s mall, we love, for sure.

The happiness is refreshing in this production and we dig it lots.

It’s named ‘You Can’t Dance’, but even if you can’t, who cares.

Let’s (try) to dance!

And let the imagination flow.

Why not right?

Let’s go!

Keep on keepin’ on Sam.



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