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Yacht ‘Strawberry Moon’ escapes to the outer atmosphere, tickling our ribs, punching our cheeks.

Sweetness is sometimes, the harshest spearhead of them all. Drowning in smiles, and greeted by unsolicited hugs – it’s easy to be lost, and un-anchored. Yacht’s Strawberry Moon is just a dose of non-sensical managiery in out-of-bounds silliness – copiously sliced by the utter reality of it all.

Whimsy is that butter knife.

Take it, and come across that slab of sweetness. Carefully scrape of that external layer. Let the shaving, curl on upward – then down. Let that wave of yellow, promise you that glimmer.

But one wrong move. That butter knife can gorge itself – breaking that wave, stabbing deep within that slab.

The surge is intense, with zero defenses.

Why were you hiding behind that sweetness?

Why weren’t you more truthful with me?

It was a wall, I could not penetrate.

With all my might, I tried.

But that wall of smiles and pretending was too hard – too sharp, against my soft slab.

We took a chance, and we lost.

There’s no going back, to the way it was.

I can’t mold anymore.

Cut me deep, with that butter knife.

The trio in Yacht has been lighting it up for many years, and they still continue kicking butt.

We at CHF love this kind of music, and sensibility. We deem it very innovative, attractive, and approachable.

Kudos, Yacht. Kudos.

They’re rep’ed by States Rights Records, Marriage Records, Downtown Records, and DFA Records.



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