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Wake Child ‘Kathaleen’: Supposin’ we do this proper. Take my hand, you damsel.

Wake Child’s Kathaleen brings a certain effervescent structure – soft whispers, R&B sensibilities, and a loving caress to the lyrics. It’s a promise to the listener, the lover, the partner.

Enter the mix of 90’s progressions, mixed with R&B / Afro beats, it’s a staunch counterbalance to ‘The Police’ realm of notes.

‘Kathaleen’ is a cool groove of a song.

Imagining ourselves, swinging our bodies to the song is real.

Didn’t really hate imagining ourselves doing that either.

Insensibility and doubt, encapsulates our difficult struggles in life.

We recognize, evaluate, then stop, then start.

Banging ourselves against the wall – sometimes, is hard to accept. But we do it.

Many times over.

It’s not a world where thing are free.

We’ll need to work at it.

Work at it hard, long, and harder.

If so, then, we can enjoy those little seconds when it can be appreciated.

The fragrance absorbed.

A touch sensed.

Pure recognition, and vivid impression.

Let’s do that sometimes, shall we?

The trio in this band is from Roxbury, Massachusetts and seems to have the chemistry that is like butter.

Looking forward to more.



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