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JOSEPH OF MERCURY ‘Tarot’: artist sensibility of sonic language. Realized.

Whisper into my ears. Yes. Do that again. Make me feel, the way you do. Love me in that way. Joseph Of Mercury’s Tarot, digs in the nails of destiny, forcing that hand of lust – predicting the meeting of skin, on skin. Come to me.

In the vast wilderness of that cold cold winter. There was a light, at first faint – becoming stronger.

He’d never seen it like this before. Off in the distance, it wasn’t significant.

It’s stronger now, and much more meaningful for him. It pulsed, and waved – in the winds of the millennium.

Let’s walk close, he muttered to himself.

It’ll be alright, he assured himself.

The winds blew stronger, resisting his forward advance.

“Why do they do this to me?”

His thighs cringed with active contractions, in the effort to counter balance the force from without.

His arms guarding against the night’s wind-blown animosities; protecting his sight.

The little light was larger now, and brighter.

It beckoned him, but resisted him all the same.

“Let’s move forward” he proclaimed.

She agreed.

He knew where he stood.

Joseph’s emphatic audible declaration through this song is evident. The sweltering lust, humid and weighty is palpable.

Sensibility of sonic language, realized.

The tuning fork in his head resonates well- to our benefit.

It’s a dang good song.

Kudos, Joseph. Kudos.



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