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Pom Pom Squad ‘Hate It Here’: We understand. Really do. Can’t help it.

Please make that egg, scrambled. Yes. Scrambled. Done, so that there’s no running remnants in those pieces. Nicely cooked. Why did you give me over-easy? Pom Pom Squad’s Hate It Here drives home the notion that maybe we weren’t meant to be at the footprint, at that moment in time.

It’s common, we’re sure.

Walking about, in our daily routines, not caring about the world – just for a minute.

Then there’s that sinking feeling. Yes. In deep beneath your solar plexus. It hurts a bit, too.

You freeze, and think ‘What is going on?’

“What am I missing?”

There isn’t anything that you’d missed. Or forgotten. Or mis-calculated.

In that street sidewalk, there’s the inter-dimensional portal – which you’d stepped into.

In this case, stopped on Top of.

It’s a match made in heaven, really.

The universal nature of things had opened that portal, in an accidental offering of physics.

The 4 feet by 4 feet, square door, beneath your feet.

There’s nothing to fear.

Then you remember – need to get the gallon of milk.

Pom Pom Girl is the project of Mia Berrin. A self described ‘Sad Girl’ in the big bad city – NYC.

But we have an inkling that she’s doing fine and dandy.

This short song is fab too.

Kudos, Mia. Scream it out loud.



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