715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Akheim Allen, Santangelo, Tony Pops, Donnie Raven…

Santangelo – YHWH VEGAMIXXX7

“With ‘YHWH’ I just want people to know it’s ok to be alone and shit. There’s a freedom in heartbreak that we don’t get to sing about that often, and the song is about accepting and embracing that.” And Santangelo is right in his assessment. We want to be ourselves for a bit. To crawl up and just close your eyes for a while. Quiet. Calm. Away from the white noise. Santangelo’s ahead of his time, and space. We dig it. ‘YHWH’ is off of his upcoming new project ‘Freelancer’ which drops sometime in 2019. NYC bred, of course.

Andy Akio – Vision

The darkness settled in his soul that day. His world turned to dust, that day. And on that day, he didn’t exist any longer – as far as he was, at least. ANDY AKIO’s dark-trap single ‘Vision’ is the crawl underneath your skin. It’s real. It’s that sensation you can never let go. The Columbus, Ohio native settled in the city that is New York. Andy keeps on adding his unique take on hip-hop, in the city that is unforgiving.

Tony Pops – Know My Name

Wanted you. Wanted your beauty. Wanted your body. Wanted your aura. Wanted your scent. Now you’re mine – only in my mind. Get to know me. Get to know my ambitions. Get to know my life. Get to know me as I am. Get to know me as I will be. Give it a chance. I need you. TONY POPS’ expert communication to the that altered future ‘significant other’ is r&b/soul skill defined. Taking classic digital synth percussions, and letting it just marinate in the thoughts of that ‘love’. So cool. The Massachusetts native calls L.A. home – making the music that drives hearts.

MUNCH! – Can’t Get Enough

Off of the latest EP entitled ‘The World Around Me’, the emcee takes this and that, mixes with the fresh scent of hip-hop, funk, and soul to create this fun little diddy. ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is a ‘roll around the world’ kind of song that just digs deep at the ‘guilty pleasure’ palace, within your being. It’s a sharp knife of good vibes that hurts you, but it makes you feel so, so good. ‘The World Around Me’ is out now.

MGOD$ – Gusto

Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Not a place where you think of when you say ‘Hip-Hop’. But it’s where the MGOD$ crew is based. From what we gather, there are 5 members and seems to be steeped in pure rhyming talent. We’ve only experienced artist Logan Yeater, who is the lead in this single ‘Gusto’. Just listen to it. The production is tight. Logan’s very, very good. He keeps the vibe constant from start to end. The words are solid with content that is clearly disseminated for our pleasure. Just not enough information about the crew yet, but they’re on the right road, to be dang sure.


Interesting thing about this single is that, the video makes things more foggy than anything else. The single is such entertainment. Lots of reference to past artists’ lyrics. But it’s what the focus of ‘E&J’ is all about. It’s a nice ‘mash-up’ of sorts, but does have just enough of uniqueness which we were gravitating towards. We think pulling back the curtain on this one, is needed to appreciate the ‘fun’ rating it deserves. Go.

Gran Larson – The Ave (Prod. By MarcDBeats)

Calvin L. Nelson is GRAN LARSON. And in ‘The Ave’, he shows much of his skills in production and arrangement that is deserving of the artist. The Dallas, TX based young artist is aggressive, in tone, in conviction, in lyrical satisfaction. The old school style in ‘The Ave’ is the heat that you feel from the proverbial bat to the neck. Your teeth knocked out, your neck crunched, you still crawl towards your goals and ambitions. The struggle is always real. Will you step up to that challenge?

Donnie Raven – Vapor Trail

DONNIE RAVEN’s an artist on the rise, in our humble opinion. His honesty is expertly produced within his hip-hop goodness, producing emphasis on empathy. Personal challenges are spelled out for his fans to digest and understand – then stand up and cheer – as it was in this single ‘Vapor Trails’. It is his point when he reached sobriety, turned his life around to a different direction. It only takes a minute to change. But it takes a ‘lifetime’ to start. We’d reviewed his single ‘Rainin’ (feat. Elzhi)’ prior. Looks like we have a trend. His debut EP ‘Livelihood’ is available now.

N. C. Palma – T.I.M.E.

N.C.PALMA’s single emo-hip-hop razmatazz ‘T.I.M.E.’ is delicious. Palma’s rhymes can’t be denied. The chill is constant. The extravaganza continues through the night, and you want to hang. The artist’s sensibilities bring us to a weird ‘Ex-Machina’ kind of forest of self-induced A.I. fantasies, overlapped with our own line of inhibitions – doubling down on the good and the bad of our lives. It’s a stew that is conducive to pain, exasporation, and ultimate almost ‘salvation’. Twisted plot.

Akheim Allen – MEMO

‘Memo’ is the title track from AKHEIM ALLEN’s upcoming debut EP. The London based rapper is so good. What pops out at us is his ‘tone of delivery’. His vocals are unique in that the aggression is tampted down, but still has the ‘diplomatic smoothness’ which helps you accept, absorb, digest, and taste the vibe. About the single, Akheim said: “It’s a reminder to let people know, who I am and where I’ve come from…Memo consists of what I like to call ‘aspirational ignorance’ – letting people know even without materialistic things you can still be the best you, none of it defines you.” The new EP drops soon.


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