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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Aria, Big Heath, Spity, Savvy, Sly deSilva, YUNG GOBLIN, ‘Casso…

Aria – Not For Braggin

Would Joe Biden rap like this, if he was, in fact, a rapper? Could he have been a rapper in a past life? Nope. That’s a ‘NO’. But it’s a good number of words that could be fit with this fire of a single from ARIA. ‘Not For Braggin’ is a song that we don’t think needs an introduction to hype it up. Drip, drip.


There are songs that make a weekend, a weekend. KIING ARTHUR’s newest single and video ‘Lowkey Livin’ makes any Friday-to-Sunday, fabulous and feel fine as a mink carpet. This drizzle of goodness takes no names, before slowly consuming you alive. Have a nice weekend!

Big Heath – Plan

BIG HEATH is what you can call, ‘a natural’. His work on stage and in the studio, brings interesting ways of presenting thoughts, emotions, and provocative color pallets to the fore. “I wrote plan in the hotel room after doing a session that didn’t work out too well.” Says BiG HEATH. “I was pissed off and wanted to put my point across that I’m here to change the game, despite being a fat white rapper from Cambridge. Being myself is my only plan.” You just can’t deny what BIG HEATH brings to the game.

Spity – Go Down

Where are you in life? Been evaluating all the milestones you’d ticked off so far? SPITY’s latest ‘Go Down’ wants all of us to keep it in perspective, but have that chip on your shoulders to keep the engine revving. Be sharp. Sharp as a katana. Maintain, and be ready for the possibilities. Prep.

Lloyd P-White – Loom

“A day LA, give my car to valet. No Chardonnay drink Courvoisier today” Awesome lyrics, ain’t it? Tells of what contrast life brings to our immediate perspectives in life. But it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. And as life stretches into different decades, we evolve in thought and what’s more important for our future. Cars to family, gold to children – fascinating exercise in existence.

Savvy – The Hour Of The Wolf (Huddwink)

Thick slather of groove and funk with rap is a formula that is so good for our soul. Add Halloween vibes to the mix? “Fierce!” That’s right, it’s fierce. Especially produced the way SAVVY has done this single. Tight. Snappy. Smooth. Compelling. All good sh*t, you can say. Dig it. Simply.

Dom Champ – All in One

DOM CHAMP is the project of Dominic Champion originally from Brighton, UK. In this cleverly devised and infectious old school B-boy offering is so cool to listen to. Run DMC or Stereo MCs? Dom’s got you covered. And boy he’s got it covered on ‘All In One’. The beats, to the lyrics, to the positive overall vibes just makes you want to break. We can’t at the office (for we’re not talented that way), but we did the wave with our arms though! Heck yea! Dig this single.

Yugen Blakrok – Carbon Form

What is the ‘End’? Is there an end, from an atomic level? No. Is there a way that, in a microscopic way, we may continue to ‘exist’, and maybe continue to do so through infinity? Big question eh? That’s how YUGEN BLAKROK wants to do music. ‘Carbon Form’ is an anthem to the mystical and the still unknown. In awe we keep digging for the natural facts. In the meantime, let’s keep this dark-groove stylings of YB in repeat.

Sly deSilva – American Psycho (feat. Nacho Picasso)

Once you’ve made the decision, it’s got to be done. Whether killing your colleague at the investment firm, or doing the best rap performenace you’d had to date. The ultimate result is that one task has been ticked off the ‘to do’ list. Variation of degrees? Heck yes. But you can’t deny the ambition. 100% guaranteed quality. SLY deSILVA is that thought in your head. Act on it? Debate carefully.

Sage Baker – Untucla (feat. Indica)

SAGE BAKER is a producer who has the fingers on that pulse of that skinny arms of yours. SB understands you. And this time, INDICA understands what we all see in you. Raised in the deep woods of a concrete jungle, the wolf devours the tracks, and spits out the remaining bones of the discarded. SB makes this happen. Let this single seep into you soul. Go get that shower, shivering, and knowing, that you have made a fabulous choice.

Marci Phonix – Black Peter

Barking of a dog is dangerous. Barking and biting, can transform your life in dangerous ways. When lightning hits you, survivability is very low. When MARCI PHONIX throws a single like ‘Black Peter’ at you, you can try to duck all you want. But it’ll cut you to bits. In a sadistic twist, you might like that. You’re a savage. This grime extravagance from the UK based artist is dramatic, visual, illustrative, and merciless. Take a deep breath before you dive in. Word.

Prov – Swing (feat. Cash Sinatra)

In an interview for WRUB he was asked “What makes you different?” He laughed and said, “A lot of artist have big dreams with no real plan to achieve it. You give me a shot, and I won’t miss”. Big ambitions seems. But we think he’s making his ‘own shot’ with singles like this ‘Swing’. Right? That seems correct to us in the assessment. Nothing is given to us. We must chip and be active, to get out of the scrum of life, fairly unscathed, bringing chances to blossom. Heck yea.


What do you think about YUNG GOBLIN’s single ‘Samhain’? Raw? Coarse? Hectic? We just think it’s a salad of gargantuan colors, that when thrown on to the wall, it displays, an oddly pleasing mural. Yes. The song is purposefully ‘coarse’, and purposefully ‘raw’. And that’s the appeal, and we dig that YG made it a point to do so. Just like the ‘mural’, this single is an art piece that doesn’t come with the wire to hang on the wall. It must be worn on your waist, in ‘gold’ and in fanny-pak form. Wear it with honesty. Repeat this single from the Athens, Ohio native – if you dare.

King Fiya – Didn’t Know

A day in the life, is a way to show the world how your ‘life’ exists. Real life descriptions, without filters, without any editing. Wish that was true though. “Didn’t know she lived that way. Kinda jealous that she does live like that. I’m going to try to live like her.” Determination with the wrong focus? Maybe. It might be an extreme example of the basic and flawed emotions of human beings, but it encapsulates what we ‘Didn’t Know’ while we grow mentally and emotionally. Does it explain our weirdness as a species? Again, probably not. KING FIYA is on the same page. It’s what it is, no?

‘Casso – Wintertime Lxve Shit (Ft. Venice XM)

‘Love and Money’ struggles is everyday. What to spend the money on, to How much to spend on a girl you know. Expenses you can report for the next tax season? Nope. Can’t be done. ‘Credit’ accumulated, without guarantee, from the girl, or from the financing company? Yes. That’s more likely. Collateral damage is inevitable. It’s maybe analogous to handling razor blades, bare handed – but your sadistic side kinda likes it. Odd world we live in, no? ‘CASSO does his thing in ‘Wintertime Lxve Shit’. It’s all good.

Cubgod – Cutstrong

You drive up to that mountain. Not to brag, but to see if you’d survive a drop from the height. Why such thoughts? Life is hard, that’s why. We’d argue we have day-dreams about such fantasies, here and there. Maybe throwing someone ‘else’ off of that cliff, instead? Just a day-dream though. You feel a bit shameful that you do, but maybe take some satisfaction from it too. “Well, time to go back to work.” ‘Cutstrong’ is another fab single form CUBGOD. No doubt.

Lil Tecca – Love Me

What can we say that hasn’t been said about the teen rapper LIL TECCA. The successes have been meteoric and the fans have undoubtedly subscribed to his single drops. The mystery that is LT is fascination incarnate. From the IG rankings to the tracks making the iPhones hot through Spotify, it’s just natural to listen to songs like ‘Love Me’. Simple, direct, and accessible – the song and LT makes it viable, without a bad taste in your mouth. Let’s see what other heights he achieves.

Big Twins – Phantom of the Opera (prod. by The Alchemist)

NYC Queens and California reps team up for this single ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. Off of the upcoming LP ‘Grimey Life’ (November 16, 2018) BIG TWINS go old school, with a tinge of ‘Dracula’ with the organs driving the incidents that want to hide. “My voice is like poison/ Venom in your veins, you gettin’ nauseous/ As a kid I stole Porsches/ Dun, I loved that car, we was flossin’” Dig it.

Buddy1231 – Kaioken

You want to blow your competition off of the stage with a dose of verbal hurricane? Let BUDDY1231 do that for you. Just get out of his way. You’re just getting in the way. ‘Kaioken’ is his first single off of the upcoming LP, ‘Stand Still’. “‘Kaioken’ is a lyrical exercise showing that no matter how talented I feel I am, I’m still at a stand still in my music career.” Expression for greatness, is a deep look within yourself FIRST. Buddy1231’s recognition of what’s going on, makes it even more compelling. Can’t wait to see what he does for his next feature.


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