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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Ayotemi, NEAK, RIM…

Ayotemi – Minute Made

“I was just telling a story. I wanted the scene to feel like late 90’s hip hop fused with a James Bond movie. Kassim came in and did his thing speaking on his perspective coming up in the “struggle” and spitting game to the youth coming up under us. The whole time we’re just groovy.” Yes. Grooving like there’s no tomorrow. But there is a tomorrow, and let’s listen to more of AYOTEMI’s ‘Minute Made’. Word.

Untamed305 – Thrasher

Skateboarding. Rap. Hardcore. Life. Sounds like a complete list of ingredients perfect for the bright future. You better believe it. And UNTAMED305 sells it fabulously in ‘Thrasher’. Coincidence in the name being a part of the skateboarding culture that is intrinsic to a sub-group of fanatics? Nope. UNTAMED305 isn’t either. Both staying for a while. For a long while.

Cozy Robinson – Make It (feat. Mackey)

Trouble here. Trouble there. Trouble and challenges, everywhere. You’re not into me any longer. My job is crap and hate it. My team on T.V. lost again, with a coach who doesn’t know what he’s doing. You don’t kiss me with the same enthusiasm as you used to. You don’t look at me the way you used to. Where have you gone? Life is hard enough, but now you’re not even in my life any more. At least emotionally. COZY ROBINSON makes it. Yes.

Neak – Legacy

NEAK has been producing and publishing his originals for nearly a decade. And from what we hear in his latest single ‘Legacy’, he’s not going to lower his standards, anytime soon. The rapper from Chicago, takes his craft to each micro-level and distills his thoughts in poignant and artful conclusions. The strength of NEAK is his vocals, dicing and highlighting the absolutes within his songs, with reticent infatuation for the subject.

Jevon – Paranoia

Congrats to JEVON for featuring his soulful groove ‘Paranoia’ via VEVO’s DSCVR. And in this discovery platform, JEVON does his thing and demonstrates his keen feel for entertainment and for the audience. ‘Paranoia’ is one of salvos into the limelight of hip-hop/r&b and it doesn’t come short. The wider audience will come. He’s in good company.

RIM (Davillins) – Stay Stoned

In this fun and funny look at his focus into the new dawn of his life, RIM depicts the kind of inner solitude needed to keep things in perspective. Goals need to be achieved. Milestones have to be achieved. Quotas must be filled. Isn’t it true for anything we all do in life? Right? In any case, ‘Stay Stoned’ is a fun single. The sample are fab, with RIM’s vocals being perfect for the ‘summer-like’ attitude. Just us? Maybe. Just go listen to ‘Stay Stoned’. Have at it.


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