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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Brahmulus, KEYON, Professor Green, Bobby J From Rockaway…

Brahmulus – Chantell

Is this how it feels like when in a cloud of heavenly notes? BRAHMULUS’ single ‘Chantell’ is off of the upcoming EP, ‘Green’, and it’s the perfect extravaganza for the weekend to start. With synth drums guiding the way, with delicious harmonies from the band, you’ll be in the right mood, in a very short amount of time. Duo GregB and Turrnt Vonnegut, makes things so decadent and as sweet as caramel in this fab single.

KEYON – Such A Find (feat. CSpring, Shyon)

KEYON’s production of ‘Such A Find’ brings the sizzle that will cook your bacon – perfectly. And with the help of CSPRING & SHYON, the r&b/soul/rap buffet of goodness just goes on and on – you just want it to go on and on. You just don’t mind.

The Zero Won feat. OWL III – Clouds and Suns

The pop project THE ZERO WON based in Athens, Greece combines the spoken word rap and pop intuitions to bring you the sunshine breaking through the haze and clouds. ‘Clouds And Suns’ is an amalgamation of different styles that is very much affectionate to the way we see ourselves in the mirror. Such a cool single. Get into it.

ZAYRONDON – Invasion! (Prod. By Mozark)

When you woke up this morning, there was something talking to you. “Get up. Get up.” That wasn’t true. It was more like “What the f*ck are you? Why do you exist?” Much more like it. So, did it motivate you? A little? Does it matter that you might be a ‘psycho’? Just a little? Word.

Professor Green – Photographs ft. Rag’n’Bone Man

“Photographs conjure up so many different emotions.” Says Green. “The ones I miss the most are the ones I never took. They are for me, in many ways, the memories I don’t have – especially the ones from my childhood. I wish I had more.” Powerful collaboration between PG and Rag’n’Bone Man, about life and the living who still reside in our hearts.

If The Shoe Fits – Clout

Another fab single from the group IF THE SHOE FITS. Bit louder, bit unobtrisive, bit obnoxious, the single ‘Clout’ wants to just let you know. The knowledge that you are here, and in the way. “Would you move, please? We need to blow up.” Thank you.

Teyar Flow – Perfect

TEYAR FLOW is a project based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a labor of love from an international collaborative effort. So, what do you think about ‘Perfect’? It caters on the line of pop and hiphop, and there’s something about its grittiness and semblance. The reflections shimmer in this oddly attractive single.

Joey BASE – Act Like You Know Me

JOEY BASE is a London based artist of Congolese heritage, who uses and throws to wind the classic pop/rap elements which keeps us interested and tuned. It’s no different in this single ‘Act Like You Know Me’. Of course, we don’t know ya, but through this single, we feel like we actually do know a bit more. The highlight is the music video that just amplifies the essence of the song. You know what we mean. Dig.

Bobby J From Rockaway – Walter White

BOBBY J FROM ROCKAWAY has become one of our faves in the recent weeks. His rough rapping outlet, perfectly accommodates his strong old school methods of story telling, to the hilt. This is his visuals for his ‘Water White’ single, and we like it to bits. Music video or not, Bobby’s work stands by themselves, like Statue Of Liberty. Tight.

Tre Houston & J-Rob MD – On Top

TRE HOUSTON and J-ROB MD makes it much more fun to live in this called ‘life’. The Houston TX and Nashville based songwriters make things look easy to dig, with the kind of production that mixes EDM and electro to rap and rap essences. Genres are bent like bamboo shoots. Word.

Shaun Okemos – Casting Couch (Feat !ZERRE)

Charlotte, North Carolina based artist SHAUN OKEMOS brings us this chill effect named ‘Casting Couch’. And ‘chill’ it is, and we just can’t resist. Dancing and gliding with his rap expertise, !ZERRE puts his heavy weight on to each inflection of the words. And that is half the battle, Shaun wins, hands down.

Sin Banks – Shooter Feat. Breana Marin

Having a party is a costly thing to own. Can your life be just a long costly ‘party’? It could. But if the question is whether we can have the cake and eat it too? Maybe. It’s been done before. SIN BANKS wants to tell us that it certainly can be done. We want to be in that party too. Hope he invites us in the future with a personal letter. Also, BREANA MARIN is fab on this single. Fabulous single. Fabulous collab.

C-Dup – Up!

C-DUP’s single ‘Up!’ is a fascinatingly interesting and entertaining single. The single is rap, draped in guitar chords, showered with elemental story telling – it throws you out the door, after it’s done with you. The attitude is high. The shame is ‘none’. Absolutely NONE. And it’s a good thing. That’s where the entertainment originates. And we dig it like Burger King Whopper. Yum.

Kieron Rennie – Snow Leopard

Kieron explains: “Snow leopard represents me, an animal capable of surviving the most rugged environments. This is a poem of self-acceptance, and the realisation it’s okay to break away from paths that feel unnatural. It’s also a tribute to someone that died before fulfilling their potential. This project has been nothing but a blessing! Each rehearsal feels like a family gathering filled with love and support. With UnFOLD we don’t just break the boundaries in terms of live performance, we give our audience a complete meal – music and poetry is our food, and wonderful visuals serve as dessert.” It’s a promise, to himself, and for all of us.


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