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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. C.U.L.T.U.R.E., Shabazz Talib, Apollo Mighty, ALM…

Pxpidom X Lul Tripp – Clout

PXPIDOM is 17. LUL TRIPP is 20. They started young, and still young. Their sensibilities are fresh, and the words being fresher. As they have indicated themselves, if they stay on this path..who knows how things will open up for them. We think that it’s open waters for their conquests to come. Simply put.

C.U.L.T.U.R.E. – Cut Of The Cloth

‘Prosperous’ C.U.L.T.U.R.E. puts it. It’s a positive outlook into the future. And that future includes YOU, US, ALL. And in ‘Cut Of The Cloth’ stamps that thought deeply into the psyche. Look for the upcoming #the22ndday project.

Shabazz Talib – Buy the Bar

SHABAXX TALIB is a gem of an artist from the big city of Newark, New Jersey. We haven’t heard such a talent from Brick City in a long while. At least with the kind of buzz that we feel Shabazz produces. ‘Buy The Bar’ is an airy rendition that is simply fabulous to listen to. The 23 year old brings many influences to the table in a significant way he feels satisfied. His EP ‘Back At It’ will drop soon.

Donny Blot – Drip Requiem

New vision? New state of mind? DONNY BLOT is Donovan, and he has a new serving of downbeat chill ecstasy that is both franetic and at the same time psychedelic. He meant to get you to peek twice. And he’s okay with you staying to enjoy the sonic experience. Just like the video, the single is nothing close to this worldly. It’s a good thing.


‘Trust Issues’ is JEFFREY OLIVER’s slow ballad that dreads the foregone conclusion of a past relationship. Don’t we all. Jeffrey just does it better for others to revel in that ‘sadness’. It’s not about being down. But once you recognize and see how you are, then you can burst out of that cocoon. Jeffrey wishes that upon you.

U-nik Stylez – Good Co. (Video)
(feat. Ill Conscious Da God, King Magnetic, Recognize Ali & GQ Nothin’ Pretty)”

PA-based rapper/producer, U-NIK STYLEZ brings us ‘Good Co.’ Yep, it’s raw. It’s right in your face. And in this presentation U-NIK collabs with Ill Conscious Da God, King Magnetic, Recognize Ali & GQ Nothin’ Pretty, to bring it that way. Nice ain’t it?? The pace is right at the top and we love every score. In the video, every rapper was filmed in different location, from Pennsylvania to South Africa. U-NIK’s latest LP ‘Classic 3’ is available now.

ALM (feat. Tommy Luck, Vil Squal) – Dollar a Day

ALM is Adrien Alm based in Montpellier, France. He’s been neck deep in music since 11 years old. Since then he’s been producing rap acts, including himself. Now he shows more of his sides and sensibilities with ‘Dollar A Day’. It’s the rhythm. It’s that ‘French’ rap edge that comes through in the single. Can’t get away from it. It’s just good sh*t. ALM’s latest mix tape ‘Tha World Tape’ is available now.


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