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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Dusty Jawn, Fevra, Chizlonies The Lord, Bobby J From Rockaway, Saint Obey…

Dusty Jawn – Rose Water

“”This is not music you have fun to” is what DUSTY JAWN, succinctly describes his single ‘Rose Water’. But we think that describes what Dusty is all about, at this moment, in Universal time. Slacker, dream-rap proves nothing but making you ‘feel’. And when you get to that level, ‘Rose Water’ is ALL about fun – artistic – but fun, non-the-less. Imagine if you can hang the single on the wall. That’s what we’re talking about. The house that Dusty builds, starts on the right cornerstone. Watch out for more from Dusty & Co.

Fevra – Give It Back (ft. D. Hart, Empara, ModMaxx & t.yyy)

FEVRA’s ‘Give It Back’ is his 2nd single off of his debut LP ‘Villanova Junction’. With co-production done with t.yyy and ModMaxx, the single features the sultry vocals of D.HART & EMPARA. The producer has what it takes to dig a little deeper, towards that private place in your head. It doesn’t hurt. Because it’s the truth that drives. All the artists, including FEVRA, are from Toronto, and we’re okay with that. JK. Fabulous, as always.

Chizlonies The Lord – Bad Tho(ugh)ts (feat. Jnoogs)

Exorcism, in this modern and technologically advanced world, starts with YOU. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t let it control you. Because if you do, it’s just YOU who is letting it perpetuate your life on this Earth. CHIZLONIES THE LORD’s ‘Bad Tho(ugh)ts’ is about those small abuses of private time, in your thoughts, where the wild-wild-west still thrives. It’s about corraling the herd and abandoning the bandit, in you. The plains of life is wide and long, let’s do this right.

Bobby J From Rockaway – Walter White (prod. by Statik Selektah)

BOBBY J is from Queens. And being different is what he accepts. That is his ticket. He’s been hustling all the way, and breaking rules in making his style of rap in the woods. ‘Walter White’, produced by Statik Selektah, Bobby J does his slaying in the old school storm that he’s known for. The talented hard-core rapper describes a day in the life with colorful and rich paint strokes. Oh, and if you don’t know who ‘Walter White’ is, he’s the central character we all love in ‘Breaking Bad’ the TV series.

Saint Obey – Counting Dough

SAINT OBEY is based in Sweden. Blends a concoction of pop, country, rap, hiphop for his masses. Delightful thoughts and memories flow through. Then a tsunami of infectious bubbles of words, caress and throw you into pieces. And in this single ‘Counting Dough’, an auto-tune extravaganza, there’s no over-burdening in cramped and overused elements of past and present. Just music from a guy in Sweden, doing his damnedest to do right by his music. And he’s on his way.


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