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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Elliot Bless, Niceymost, GR3YWXLF…

Elliot Bless – I Won’t Miss You

Queens, New York is represented in ELLIOT BLESS. And he has a message for you on ‘I Won’t Miss You’. You’re not a real friend, supporter – he doesn’t want you near. Only the passion is indicative of the struggle, and challenges like you just don’t fit in the scenario. The un-masking of your intentions, reveal how this is going to go down. Simple as that. So do yourself a favor.

NICEYMOST – slapped

Resolution is an element of what makes the the world go round. It is the finishing of the job at hand. It helps in taking this chapter, and moving on to the next challenge that is in the way. It’s a way to rank yourself, and seeing how you’ve performed. Taking stock at what you’ve accomplished is gives you energy. Not just lip service. It’s far better than that. Looks like NICEYMOST looks to take this track to heart. ‘Slapped’ is a new single since about a year ago. It’s taken a long time. Hope the path stays true.

ARIQ – pretty girls (choose you all)

We’re built for it. We love girls. And we hope they like us too. There have been many who have come our way, and everyone has been talented and interesting in their own way. It’s funny how us, human beings develop and become a part of this Earthly world. One thing’s for sure, whether a gal or guy, we all need that companionship soon or later. And we’ll be there to try and talk to her, know more about her, and maybe something will click. ARIQ’s use of grooves and pop-moves in ‘Pretty Girls’ is a joy. The bass and the tinge of irony from observation, makes it a single with a unique destination in mind.

Holas May – Back With You

It’s 20/20 in retrospect. But sometimes, it’s exactly how it was. The memories hurt. Everything was gold, when near her. Our relationship was like being at the top of Everest. Refreshing, and no one could compare the kind of love we had. But then suddenly, there was just no relationship, any longer. It felt like a truck hitting your chest. Was it that good? It was. Will you return to that state? Want to, but everything about her, I cannot bare any longer. It’s time to start fresh. Time will heal.

GR3YWXLF – Breakfast Club

GR3YWXLF brings up the sentiments of what it is like when in a jail of your own making. Your body becomes a place of incarceration. You don’t want it this way. You don’t deserve it. However, somewhere deep inside, you actually wanted to feel the emotional entrapment. After all, you’re kind of proud that this was of your own construction. A building of your making. Brick by brick, siding from here to never. “With a nice roof, this could be a good home,” you told your inner self. “I agree.” You were suddenly shaken by the audible reply from your conversation. Afraid, you woke up. Delirious, but clear on what to do next. GR3YWXLF’s ‘Breakfast Club’ is a slow groove-ness that churns, as it makes silent tracks in that freshly made trail of snow. Quite a trek, we say.

Delly – Island Boyz

This song is a mix of the old school and new. Emotions it does evoke. What you like or dislike about it, is up to you. But that’s exactly what ‘Island Boyz’ is about. Not your cup of tea? It’s still good. It’s right up your ally, sort of speak? It’s still good. There’s nothing else to state about this single. The testosterone is high, and it can’t be stopped. You better watch out.

Czar Brown – southern comfort

Second time on our list, Czar Brown offers some fantastic way of giving dimensions to each word. This slithering rap hipnosis is right up to your forehead. List to it. Absorb it.


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