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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Greazy Jenkins, Chris Winston, Drew, CLIFTUN, Zaena x Jason Maek…

Greazy Jenkins – Rap Dragon

Give us horns, old school attitude, and we’re IN. And with GREAZY JENKINS’s ‘Rap Dragon’ we ALL should be riding in that limo. Because that limo comes with the amenities that we need: drinks, disco lights, room, music, games, food, and girls. Have we forgotten any others that we need included? Is it extra? Or is it included? With ‘Rap Dragon’ you don’t need to ask those questions. Fun is built-in. We’re IN. GREAZY is based in Denver and he notes himself to be that city’s ‘favorite dirtbag MC’.

Drew – Face Me

DREW is a talented 18 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. His confidence is certain in his single ‘Face Me’. And it’s apparent quickly that for his 18 years, he has much to say about his life, and the people he’s crossed paths. Drew has been writing since he was 8 years old and officially published in 2017. Now he’s fully on his way. And yes, we know very little about Drew, but from what we know, it seems he’s got the gumption to forge forward, with the vision he’s dying to fulfill for himself. And in our book, that’s always gold.

Chris Winston – The Best Of Me

‘The Best Of Me’ is the first single off of his upcoming EP ‘Peace 3’ which drops November 3rd. And we think the honesty is draped in the single’s presentation. Working off of the lyrics of personal experiences, the delicious bass attentions is fabulously arranged and tuned. This short but sweet single takes the expectations of what the new EP will offer to another level. Oh, and YES, there was a ‘Peace 2’ EP. That’s fab as well. Take our word.

gatsby – fly

Don’t know much about GATSBY but his demonstration of words and presentation of his thoughts and inklings in ‘Fly’ is something to absorb and maybe admire. All we know is that he’s mid-20 something and based now in Maine. He’s originally from San Francisco and from what we can tell, shows off the SF vibe a bit in this single. He’s working on a new mixtapes ‘Smile & Sad’ and heading out ‘out on an open mic tour of the US with my dog, car & pop up camper’. Dang. We’re jealous, TBH.

That Kid CG – Change The Game

We love this. Bit of drum/bass, bit of house, and all THAT KID CG. Really entertaining and easy to get into, even if you’re not into hip-hop. Accessibility is baked in with this single by design. And we dig that to the n’th degree. Craig Lashley is THAT KID CG. And we think this single is fab. ‘Change The Game’ is off of his latest EP of the same title.

Finessed – Hella Bright

Adam Liermann is FINESSED. The industrial hip-hop experience that is ‘Hella Bright’ is that punch to your lower jaw. Might not be broken, but you’ll feel it in the morning. That big lump suits you. You don’t like it, but deep inside, you think it looks cool. You were in a fight – a battle. You’ve earned your stripes. ‘Hella Bright’ gets the hooks in you, and you feel in a way, somewhere in the future past of the 90’s. But you ain’t. You’re here. Still with a big lump in your jaw. Smile.

BRYN – Bailiffs

Those are holes from BRYN’s machine gun attitude. You’ve been shot. Multiple times. ‘Bailiffs’ is the single from this vixen of rap. With the combination of airy choral aesthetics and the ‘Fetty Wap sound’ hip-hop habits, there’s something about BRYN. The possibilities are endless, and many have realized this already. The Grit is Good with this one.

MGOD$ – Tourist

We’d featured MGOD$’ single ‘Gusto’ and stated: “The production is tight…He keeps the vibe constant from start to end. The words are solid with content that is clearly disseminated for our pleasure.” That just meant that we dug what they were throwing at us, and with ‘Tourist’ another member of the crew steps up and presents a different angle to the collective. And that angle is as gritty and ‘earthy’ as the it can be. That makes us think there’s depth within the group that the public should know more about. You can tell, we dig this project. Listen. Enjoy.

Frank B – Don’t Go (feat. Fame)

FRANK B is rapper and a realist. But he’s never lost his dream of working and contributing to the world of rap and its intricate tapestries of interest. ‘Don’t Go’ is one of those contributions from the Brooklyn based artist. And it’s strong. Real strong. ‘Don’t Go’ is a features fellow Brooklynite, Fame (of M.O.P.) The single is off of his debut LP ‘Let Me B Frank’ which includes features from Sticky Fingaz, Rock (Heltah Skeltah) and Nyck Caution (Pro Era).


Fun? Yes. As CLIFTUN says in ‘Cupid’s Rampage’, we need ‘looovvveee’! Yes, Cliftun, we all need love. Lots of it. And for people who are lucky to have love in their lives, they must revere the fact that there is such thing as ‘love’ in the first place. Don’t really need it from a species point of view. Procreation is all we technically need. But we have this subjective ‘thing’ that certainly binds and sometimes crushes souls. Double edged sword? Is that what you mean by displaying the Katana in your video, Cliftun? Maybe. Just maybe. To us CLIFTUN is an abstract artist. He happens to express them in his music. Word.

joe P the MC – SUPER

JOE P. THE MC molds words. Then puts beats to them to Enhance. Plus put colors to the pallet. ‘Super’ is one line, but it’s really good to go and fashionable to hang it on the white wall for your guests to glean. You like that when they ‘glean’ at your works. It’s the ‘library’ and the colors in ‘Super’ is well, perfect for the setting. Won’t you agree??

Zaena x Jason Maek – Get To Work

‘Get To Work’. YOU. Get to work. We should too. We all should. Working hard. Hustling. Doing the things to the extent of what can be done, to achieve our dreams. The single is the first song from the fab duo in 2 years. They make such a cool duo, for sure. Jason Maek does his Prince Akeem role, while Zaena doing her Sexual Chocolate and barbershop scenes. Love ‘Coming To America’. Zaena and Jason does too. You do too, we assume. We all should dig their single ‘Get To Work’, as well. The single is off of their sophomore album ‘Freshman Vol.1’.


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