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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. J-Geezy, Trevor Lee, Danny Matos, Christopher Klint…


J-GEEZY is Joseph Geezy Gaisie, and he doesn’t have hooks in his single ‘Mary Mariah Toni’. He IS the hook. From the unique way he throws out the lyrics, his inflections, his way of arrangement and mixing, make this a delight of tremendous proportions. The Surrey, B.C (Canada) based artist has just tons of talent, and that is evident from top to bottom. The charm is full and overflowing in this single. Grand, J-G. Grand. Look out for even more for J-Geezy.

Christopher Klint – Not Religion

The tight production of CHRISTOPHER KLINT’s latest single ‘Not Religion’ harkens back to a gentler time. Well, at least we think what ‘gentler’ means. It’s an individual and subjective definition. We would all like to go back. But let’s all stay in the present and current. We can do so, in a way, with the love of CHRISTOPHER KLINT. “I have been in love with music ever since I could walk,” commented Christopher. “My mom introduced to me the creativeness of jazz and how Motown used to get down simultaneously as I was appreciating the rhymes of Hip-Hop legends. I was a major band geek in high school and expressed myself through the sound of a Bari Sax. Through this combination of worthy music influences, I have produced my own sound which can be heard in my first single “Ride the Wave”. In short, I am a Creator from Cali living in Stockholm who loves music.” This single is beautiful to listen to, with the classic old-school approach, all of the words are presented with the aesthetics that are fresh and poignant. Lesson learned.

Trevor Lee – Err Dae

TREVOR LEE makes it hot with ‘Err Dae’. Some can make the rhyming on rap songs a bit more ‘honest’. We think that Trevor’s slight habits in his inflections make it that. The Huntsville, AL born, Houston TX raised artist has the ‘Texan’ vibe deep, and we’re saying that’s a good thing =D He’s been associated with the likes of Bubba Got Beats, MixbyBrandon, Bruce Bang, & Cam Taylor.

Danny Matos – Fool

DANNY MATOS, after a short hiatus, released his three track EP ‘The Right Thing Wrong’. Danny is intensely condensed with his use of feelings in ‘Fool’, with deliberate timing and image intense attitude. The EP depicts 3 different angles. A journey, too interesting to miss.

D Stellar – MTFKS

D STELLAR comes back with ‘MTFKS’. And the International-Australian collaboration music project takes it to another side of the level with this atmospherics of cloud-hop, making you feel ‘deranged’ and ridiculously ‘numb’. The single features Minimal Miggy on drums, Arne Utiger (Bin Juice) on Bass and Melbourne actor Adi Snir on Vocals. It’s a repeat inducing single.

donSMITH – If You Know

HARLEM, NYC based MC known as donSMITH (Darnell Smitherson) takes one ingredient and another, mixing them into a delicious concoction in ‘If You Know’. Some compare him to the Talib Kweli, arena, and the hiphop beats composer (starting from age 10) has steadily rhymed and engineered his way to the upper, with gritty lyrics and smooth r&b elements. This single continues that trend.

Christian Foley – Nights (Prod. Rob Kelly)

When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. You have to call it out. First to yourself. Then roar out the frustrations as you see them. CHRISTIAN FOLEY’s ‘Nights’ seems to be the kick in the pants, some of us need. “Only for the nigh” babe. It’s okay. Don’t be hesitant. You deserve it. CF does his thing and does it very well. Story telling comes naturally, it seems. Word.

Darin Steele – On My Way

‘On My Way’ is exactly what you think it’s about. Yes. It’s a communication problem when DARIN STEELE tells his significant other that there’s more to do at work. Can’t that be understood? Maybe not. Just because of the repeat of not being home with the bored significant other at home. Ultimately, it’s about being ‘detailed’ and ‘ready to work’ anytime, any hour of the day/night. Diligence, baby. Diligence. You think she bought that? Who knows. In any case, this is a short but daft single.

T Star – Doubts

Triphop gems like T STAR’s ‘Doubts’ is so cool, in our eyes. 90’s feel, mixed with the modern lyrical habits make it a single that you’d like to take home. ‘Doubts’ is from T STAR’s recently released project ‘The Power of Now’. The single and T STAR’s talents talk for themselves. Concrete, conscious, chill, crystal – it’s what it’s all about.

Cubgod – Sunday We Rest

Uplifting? Check. Day in the life? Check. Life has gone to shit? Maybe. Well, it won’t be as bad if you listen to CUBGOD’s single ‘Sunday We Rest’. Listen. Listen to the church organs in the background. Just like that the meaning and ambitions of this single is subtle but giant. It’s built for your sanity, or the potential for a more sane week. So, take it one week at a time. We all should. And smile.

Madcap – Addicted

Want some rock with that rap? MADCAP does it in spades with ‘Addicted’. Exciting stuff ain’t it?? The Briston UK based hiphop artist does it real with ‘Addicted’, a single and music video describing the fast and furious of the night life. Literally the song is about satisfying the need for speed. His song asks: “We all need to escape…which white powder do you choose?” We know what we’d choose. How about you??

DZE LIKE RZA – Lil Bobby

Hope you know who RZA is. If so, then you should know exactly how DZE wants to be called. Mixing elements of the tropics, in ‘Lil Bobby’ DLR makes the story drizzle down like it does. And how does it drizzle? Like caramel down a chocolate fountain. Yes, sticky, smooth, and sweet to the tooth. DZE LIKE RZA is a find. We’re sure he knows that already. Looking forward to grander things.

bushey – That Mine

BUSHEY is Alexanda Bushey. Olympia, Washington based. Hiphop artist. Influenced by the likes of Mike Stud, Hoodie Allen, Eminem and Kanye West. Intention seems like mixing pop to hiphop. And in ‘That Mine’ he’s done it to a kind of fabulousness that shouldn’t be ignored. And isn’t that all that’s needed to be known? Can’t wait for more from BUSHEY.

Sol – The Plug

‘The Plug’ is off of the upcoming album ‘Soon Enough’. SOL is a Seattle based hiphop artist and it’s just easy to like the way he’s going with his music. SOL used to deal weed, but now he’s dealing the same enjoyment within the form of his music. The good times and love, as he says, comes naturally. ‘The Plug’ was produced by Nima Skeemz, Teal Douville, and Elan Wright,

Hyphen ft Josh Tenor – Futuristic

HYPHEN’s debut EP ‘Dance Songs To Die To’ is out now. And you should be looking out for his stuff, for they are some of the top drawer spoken word we’ve heard. The aesthetics are on point, with the arrangement sensibilities dialed in with ‘Futuristic’. The rapper is UK based and seems to be ready to continue his momentum. Oh, and when you have a chance take a listen to ‘Who Is The Redman?’. Hilarious, and fun-tastic single with as usual rhyming perfection.


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