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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Jedi, Chevalien, Tenjin, Drey Cunningham, SEFQ…

JEDI – StopNah
(feat. JRo Alkaholiks, Styliztik Jones, Roscoe Umali & Dj Zo)

This single ‘StopNah’ is such a pump for your psyche. Its old school effects, and true-to-form lyrics, make it the perfect combination to get the week going in the right direction. The single was made 8 years ago, as JEDI mentioned, and never had the right time to release it. Now it’s here, and we’re IN. “These days releasing songs are so easily done that I thought I release an oldie for those of you who still listen and love that golden era of hiphop vibe.” We agree whole heartedly.

Chevalien – Immolation of a Water Drop

‘The Immolation of a Water Drop’ is the “final episode season zero of his 2nd EP ‘Sunderground'”, as CHEVALIEN describes it. This project’s focus started with his EP Allrats back in 2014, and has culminated to this peak. CHEVALIEN is a multi-instrumentalist whose taste for experimental obsessions, have driven his musical madness to that place of between genres, between life’s existence.

Devin Xo – Highlighters

The birthday cake was perfect, she thought. It had her boyfriend’s name center with 3 celebratory candles, in multi-colors. She guessed at his favorite 3 colors. She knew he loved ‘blue’, but the other two, was a bit of a mystery. She drew a deep breath, and she finished up the table. She waited then for several hours. It was 11pm, and she was still all alone in the apartment, now soaked in her tears. There are stories to tell, and it certainly is a strange world we live in. DEVIN XO brings the heat, in ‘Highlighters’, and keeps it just coasting down that boulevard of life.

Tenjin – New Toronto

“‘New Toronto’ is a story of a weekend getaway to Toronto, a brief passionate affair, and leaving with a new perspective for the diverse city,” stated TENJIN. We wonder what that entailed? Kinda curious. But we’re not that slow, so we think that the duo looked at life and said, the future is there for the taking. No? Assumptions? Well, let’s all be positive, shall we? For ultimately, that’s what ‘New Toronto’ is all about. Forget the distractions, frill, and look at the point and focus. Just stay on that path. Continue. The band consists of TENGIN and D.ST. They’re originally from Detroit. They make strong music.

Dytrip – Art School Girls

We get lost sometimes. We learn as we go along. We get stronger as we lose. Emotional trips, in private or out in public, is something to behold. Individual treks to a ‘higher’ calling as an animal human being living on this ball of rock, is a drama that can’t be ignored. And that’s what DYTRIP does and does it well in the single ‘Art School Girls’. Horny and imaginative memories of memories altered? Maybe. But it’s the ‘journey’ that we see as fabulous in this single. The day dreams become turn into reality, somewhere. And after this abhorantly weird and tactile slide into the edges, we can’t forget the relationship developed. Fabulous art piece, if you ask us.

Drey Cunningham – Pick and Choose

Something about DREY CUNNINGHAM’s single ‘Pick And Choose’. It’s a naughty anthem to the ridiculous, for the parties, for the girls, and for the chumps that lie between where Drey resides and the world that he envisions for himself. Not too much distinction from one to the next, but it’s a thought process worth looking at. Drey sure does. And his rap skills seem to be the ticket to fly. And why not. If you got it, flaunt it. If you don’t, well, still try your best, as we can interpret his desires. Talking about his desires, it’s what everybody wants. You know what it is. Seek deeper. See the truth.

Donn Chii – Watch Me

DONN CHII is a Detroit native who resides now in Dallas. It’s warmer in Dallas. It’s further from Canada. It’s closer to Mexico. And from listening to Donn’s ‘Watch Me’, we feel that he’s absorbed the sensibilities he’d come across in Detroit, spitting it out in wads for the Dallas crowd. Bit different. Bit MId-West. But coming to settle in the pop-rap that is oddly familiar. It’s a good thing. Donn’s past with rock/metal/punk bands, have given him an interesting view into the rap genre. This is his own Solo project and we think it’s riding the right train.

Steady Tek-Nick – Vakam

Haven’t had more fun with a rap video than with STEADY TEK-NICK’s ‘Vakam’. Old school. ‘Chaotic’. And certainly exciting to the core with the song’s tinge of tropical twists, all sprinkled with the rapper’s charm on camera. Seriously, we tried to dance like at 2.08 minute mark. That’s fun. And ‘Vakam’ is surely fun and deserves your view and listen. So, go on, try that dance. We’re confident you’ll feel the vibe, quick.

SEFQ – Yuca

When rap songs start like it does on SEFQ’s ‘Yuca’ does, we’re definitely IN. Why? Think about it. It’s a fabulous canvas where a story telling stance can be done. The collage of memories, and historical perterbances can be tightly presented, and with the vibe deserving of the single. Accents, attitude, peaks, and delicate valleys, make such style of rapping aesthetic. And as we’d said, we’re IN. Get IN with SEFQ. It’s a good ride.

Muddled Waters – endless oppression

This one was produced by HAK from RATKING. The rapping was done by MUDDLED WATERS. Old school, and racks up the points with the strong lyrics, profoundly strong, and framed by the hooky chorus. Old school, we say, and it’s fabulous. ‘Endless Oppression’ is a single from MW’s ‘Indebted To You Kindness’.

Sharoo – Hydroplane (feat. Tempo Stokes)

SHAROO fell in love with rap. Then it was history, as they say. And you can feel it from the tight production and presentation from the unassuming artist. ‘Hydroplane’ is in a way, we think, describes what road he’s worked towards for a couple of years. All artists are ambitious, and SHAROO isn’t any different. But it’s what’s under the hood, and not what’s on the outside of the car, right? Dark horse? Sleeper? Just keep an eye on SHAROO. Look for more.


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