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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. J’Moris, Ethan Taylor, Jeremy Remond, G.L.A.M., Xiuhtezcatl…

J’Moris – Extra

“Too many baby mamas”?? It’s a story in a life, baby. It’s not the ones that are on the table, but it’s the ‘extra’ that makes things more interesting. It’s the edges of life that either kills you, or enlightens your existence. Which will it be? J’MORIS know a thing or two about life. The bad, the good, the odd, the exhilarating. His 4 track EP ‘Extra’ is available now. Get ready.

Ethan Taylor – Waiting

Get sanctified. Get real. Get right to the subject. “Don’t think you can hide the truth, girl. I’m not here for your amusement.” ETHAN TAYLOR’s latest single ‘Waiting’ off of his debut LP ‘Like I Said I Would’ is the r&b / hiphop thunderclap about life, about underserved affections, and the micro-betrayals we experience. So, what are you going to do? Roxboro, North Carolina based artist wants your answer.

Jeremy Remond – Ain’t for Everybody

Walking through the jungle of business. The heavily wooded forest of haters and enemies against your dreams. They all exist. They exist, and sometimes, the biggest disservice comes from within. ‘Ain’t For Everybody’ could be seen as a ‘promise’ and an anthem for you, me, him, her, all of us to look deeper. Let’s work.

BRYN – Drunk & Wavey ft. Dreezy

South London extravaganza, BRYN, brings her best, as usual with ‘Drunk & Wavey’ featuring Dreezy. BRYN stated of the song: “‘Drunk & Wavey’ is about being rebellious & trying to live my best life in a fucked up world.” Ain’t that the truth. And shouldn’t we ALL be doing the same? Doesn’t have to be about conquering the world, but we can try to win our own big personal battles, right? Well, at least we think so. And we think BRYN is on our side on that too. Get with it, y’all.

Alireza – Never Seen

Washington D.C. native blows your mind in this hefty drive of a rap significance named ‘Never Seen’. The 21 year old veteran, digs the story telling into the 6th dimension. Chess play? Yes. 3D chess, for the perfect life we could. Should be wish for that kind of colorless life, though? It’s a question, for sure. Poignancy in his carefully chosen words come naturally, whether in his past performances in the metal band, Louder Than Quiet, or in his current existential dais.

Surve – Going Home

SURVE returned from a self prescribed exile of sorts after ‘leaving his label & the rap group same year he was also gunned down by one of the group members over a dispute over his faith in Christ’. Now in 2018, after several years of committing outreach towards his community, he’s returned with new offerings. ‘Going Home’ could be seen as a milestone in his travels and journey towards his current self. If this is where he is today, we can’t wait to see where he goes in the months to come.

Jam Young – Must Change

JAM YOUNG comes with ‘Must Change’. A first person exercise in reclaiming himself, his past experiences and the noise surrounding his every fiber these days. The booming and classic rap power, comes at you hard and stays. As he says: “If you want to change the world, it starts with yourself first!” We agree.

G.L.A.M. – Anyway

G.L.A.M. is Nacolbie, and her form of recognition for her strength and foresight is ‘Anyway’. The single melds successfully the best tradtions of Eriykah Badu and Missy Elliot. Our attraction to her lyrical work is a combination of mystery and tinge of 90’s elements that tie us satisfied and wanting more. If her body of work on her 2017 debut EP ‘AUXygen’ (especially on ‘Down’) and on this latest single, isn’t an indication for fabulousness, nothing will be. Can’t wait for more.

Jthurston – Night

JTHURSTON says: “To truly know me is to know the dark crevices of my soul. For a lot of us, happiness is often elusive, and something as simple as a smile takes great effort. It’s important that we take time to understand what depression is instead of being dismissive of its validity. It is very real. I hope you enjoy this, it is very dear to me.” Jared Thurston is an artist first, and through his words, he expands his own Universe. ‘Night’ is a rhythmic therapy, waiting in the wings.

Trill Bans – 2 Seater

Opportunity is what artist TRILL BANS wants. At least from our CHF angle, Trill has already built a musical legacy which he can build on. The talented producer utilizes rap habits with the indie-rock lo-fi attributes to make a full-hearted trip through that room of definitions, he’d built for his guests. The rhythm is ripe, and ready to be displayed. It starts now.

Flash Jrive – Two F#cks

FLASH JRIVE is the solo project of Justin Vroone. The 27 year old is odd. And we just can’t get enough of his music. If you are a reader of CHF, the badge of being ‘odd’ is a badge of honor. The talented arranger and producer of ‘Two F#cks’ makes you think about the way we are. It’s not the lyrics, but it’s the WHOLE of the single. The emphatic atmosphere of the soundscape, is a dirivative of the exact shortcoming we feel in our private moments. It’s the HARDEST moments we face. And to go on, we must break through those walls. FJ tells that with his synth driven musical upload. He’s come through, now we want more.

Lavish The Mdk – Pop Yet

LAVISH THE MDK is a Florida based rapper and producer who has fully absorbed the surroundings near him. Now it is his mission to get the message out to the masses, so they know the story as well. His day to day, his month to month, his future. The hook is the dropped down bass, and it’s classic. Rollin’ around in the warm Florida air, you can make history – embedded in granite.

RIVALS – Broadway

SO in 2017, frequent collaborators, DVRKMVTR and ESQVR, put their new project RIVALS on the table for all to lap up. We think the experiment, with chill and jazz intertwining about old school rap credentials, make it alive and relevant to our listening cause. The project they say is a ‘rap/EDM’ deal, they stay in the focused but broad spectrum that ravishes in eclectic influences and a ‘global’ feel. So far, so good. Go get it.

VISQ – fenjaaaa

“fenjaaaa is a girl who was one of my first international fans and she always listens and support my music. So I made this song as a general song; however, when said she wanted to be apart of a new project, I decided to name it after her and then asked her to film some daily stuff for the video. Showing love to those who show it.” – VISQ. Respect. For the balladic presentation and dedication to love & devotion of a different kind.

Abrax Phaeton – Match (Prod. Qaeis)

The latest from ABRAX PHAETON is tight. Yes. The no non-sense of the lyrics, with emblazened chrome of his sonic extravaganza turns your senses to where the energy is emitted. Jason delicately hops on the ever-coastal paragon. A delectable and succinct de-escalation in truth to raw edges, and in ‘Match’ it is done with precision. Word.

Daikan – Cry For Me

‘Cry For Me’ is one of the singles in his 8 track debut LP ‘October Child’. It is a break up song. The solid dream-flow, with sharp effervescence for a silent revenge for the one who’d love, was love, is textured. It’s a vocal destination, full of past remorses, and future promise to the ‘self’ of never wanting the scenario to happen again. “Never will it happen again.”

Xiuhtezcatl – Magic Ft. Tru

The buzz is real for XIUHTEZCATL (pronounced Shoe-Tez-Caht). The hiphop artist brings gravity and knowledge to the rap game, insightfully dragging the pangs of everyday life’s injustices and problem into the sunlight. That sunlight drys up the pain, with like-minded efforts, building towards a better tomorrow. “A lot of the songs that ended up on the record, I’d began writing as early as 2014. Drafting beats in my basement on Ableton [software] and using my keyboard to write melodies and lay down beats.” Find out more about XIUHTEZCATL on his latest 11 song album ‘Break Free’.

NeodotcoM – God is Black

‘God Is Black’ is the first video by NEODOTCOM. It is the single from his upcoming album ‘Gods Of Egypt’ due to drop December 12, 2018. He calls this video “a celebration of Wu-Tang Clan’s 25year anniversary”. We think that’s a cool thing. Can’t go wrong there. There will be a chapter where equality and the balance of domination could be better served. There will be a future like that. And in this single he’s calling for that prediction. Produced by Lorde Haiti, NEODOTCOM’s ‘God Is Black’ comes at you the way it wants to. It’s up to you to open the doors.

Lil Goon – Let’s Ride ft. $mooveeDaAce

“You. Me. Together on this trip. What do you say?” She nodded. “Heck yea”. There are times when we want just a simple love song. What crushes can become a relationship of possibilities. LIL GOON states that ‘possibility’, and we go on that magic carpet ride together. Let’s move forward, LG says, and ticking off the milestones as far as the moon is far from the Earth. Let’s start from the ones nearest to you. Small steps, build the Galactic goals in life. LIL GOON has been ready.


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