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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Keegan Hayes, HVNCOQ, Lambo El, Dee Wallz…

Keegan Hayes ft. Shuggie – Sunnyside Up

We take KEEGAN HAYES’ single ‘Sunnyside Up’ as an introduction to what could come through. But it’s easy to see where Keegan has been, in terms of offering some old school rhyming expertise. Just go and listen to his past editions, and it’s what he’s been doing for a long while. So, we celebrate with KH, with this little write-up about ‘Sunnyside Up’. A single that, we think, simply continues the tradition he’s forged.

bludark – lil kafka

Knowing what to do in a song – the effort in moving emotions from the listener – is an alchemy that sometimes is mysterious to the casual listener. But even with that fact, there’s no denying when novices and experts listen to a particular producer, an instant connection is made when that ‘right’ feel creeps up and bites you. The Dublin Ireland based artist BLUDARK is one of those ‘movers of emotions’. ‘Lil Kafka’ demonstrates that perfectly, with diminutive vocal stylings, resonating the bigger issues that envelope and stimulate.

HVNCOQ – Selfish

Dopeness. That’s what HVNCOQ has laid before you on the dinner table topped with exotic notes that sliced off the meat of that animal inside you. ‘Selfish’ is a buffet of beats, delightfully segmented and anchored in the effort to profoundly make you feel ‘invincible’. And it scores. Run for that big shade. It’s going to be a hot Winter. HVNCOQ’s upcoming ‘Selfish’ EP is on its way.

Cloud Daddy and the Kingston Big Smokes – Enough to Feel Love
(ft. Go South and Kitty Got Claws)

The glitch ridden, twisted journey presented by CLOUD DADDY AND THE KINGSTON BIG SMOKES’ single ‘Enough To Feel Love’ is a silent and private longing and angst, which rips apart the chest from within. The Internet collaborative effort between CDATKBS and artists Kitty Got Claws (UK) and Go South (AU), takes you on a darkly wooded soul searching trek, and you just might not survive. But you’re confident to go forward. The single is a haunting hip-hop trip is a gainful notion, for what we deem fearful. Wake us up when we’re out of the woods.

Lambo El – Calidi

Newark, New Jersey’s own LAMBO EL does it good on this latest of his videos. The single is ‘Calidi’, and when he does his thing on this banging offering, we all should have a go. There’s a simple formula for this single: bass, and lyrical fire. Direct, bad-ass, and NJ-strong. The single is a nice round steel pole to your frontal lobes. When something is fab, it’s just fab. Let’s share.

Criss Jrumz – Right Now

The night walk was a nice change of pace. She had never done this kind of exploring before. And to her surprise, what she saw, as she was walking, surprised and excited her. Then HE came into her life. He stood at the corner, and she noticed him immediately. And she wanted him. “Hi.” CRISS JRUMZ brings the smooth caressing beats and vibe to the fore with ‘Right Now’. Digging for crumbs is not the way, and in the single, the way to go is to “get it right now”. Whatever your endeavor. Criss is from Broward County (FL) by way of the big-bad Bronx.

Q-Unique – I Seen

Q-UNIQUE, an Arsonists member, does his truest in his latest video for single ‘I Seen’, describing his road to the current years, having past some fabulous as a spectator of hip-hop and as a part. With the dynamically pleasing strength of his vocals, Q-UNIQUE, delves fastidiously and tells a tale of one soul. But it’s just not about himself, ultimately. It’s about all of us who love the genre and the effects hip-hop has for the soul. His new and latest album ‘The Mechanic’ is available now.

Dee Wallz – Have It All

DEE WALLZ put it all on the line, on ‘Have It All’, but with the smoothness that is of a future sound that only existed in our dreams. The straight up no-nonsense sound of ‘Have It All’ is an assault on our big hearts with the constance that reminds us of what can be, and what can be achieved. Is it that possible? The probabilities are endless. You should dig this single.


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