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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Phabo, Gamirez, Rita Klara, Spitty The Sequel, Oloff.

Phabo – The Valley

PHABO’s take on r&b and hip-hop is seductive, accessible, honest and flows like pop, with the tinge of ‘raw’ sonic integrations that we dig. PHABO was born in San Diego, then raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. Now in Los Angeles, his coverage of the southern United States, will continue. He’s popular, and will be even more as his outputs expand. ‘The Valley’ gives us the picture of ‘regret’, ‘stubborness’, all wrapped up on deeds that we all want to take back. Glad PHABO’s here to help us out.

Gamirez – Luv

Bit more dance induced, but the vibe overlaps so well on this single ‘Luv’ from GAMIREZ, we had to feature it here. It’s R&B. It’s rap. It’s all the best of both worlds. And those worlds, you’re a B-boy and you wear that track suit like a boss – while making that cocktail behind your back for the girl you’d been eyeing all night (now early morn). You’re on it. “You got this man.” GAMIREZ has changed up the vibe slightly with ‘Luv’, compared to his proprietary style. However, it’s just awesome. We’re on board with this Perth Australia based rapper and producer.

Rita Klara – Lush

We featured RITA KLARA with her single ‘U & I’ and we loved that single. Now she shows us her second track ‘Lush’, where both are off of the EP ‘Fancy Love’. We like ‘Lush’ actually a bit more from ‘U & I’, for the conversation is a bit more raw, in our eyes. Don’t get us wrong. Raw conversations are cool, and bit softer is cool too. You see, what we’re trying to say (albeit bit clumsily) is that we’re a fan of Rita. Something about her, TBH. You should be too.

spitty the sequel – the preacher

Rolling up a fatty, we relaxed. Our back yard was full of trees, and green grass we always thought felt like carpet. Then, like every time, HE would come over. Derek was a ‘party pooper’. He was a ‘Derek downer’. Can’t blame him, because he was born that way. One thing was fortunate for us – the rest of us always learned how lucky we were to be independent and unique. Derek reminds us of that. We learn tolerance for others, and we genuinely deal with situations thrown at us. “Derek, you ma boy!” And he’d respond: “Thanks man! But you know you’r not my favorite, right?” SPITTY is from NYC. He’s a rapper, doing his thing now in North Carolina, as we hear. With rhyming like this, hope the locals are ready for more. ‘The Preacher’ is the first track off his new project ‘Snacks vol.1’.

Oloff – MarioLuigi

OLOFF comes at us with a dream-cloud-hop offering that is gritty and goes right to the true feelings of the protagonist. Struggles are are just a fact of life. Just the degree in which we have them, is the difference. That means, that can be truncated, and eventually become tolerable. But it starts, from within. And combined with action and some luck, we can ‘achieve’. “…I’m trapped in an ADD industry where being different is frowned upon and nobody really wants to give anything the time of day unless it makes them feel cool or falls within the confines of what they already know as music…As a result some of the only times where I feel “free” or “myself” are when I’m high on drugs and living in a fantasy world. At this point I’m not sure how much longer I can keep functioning as a human being.” Ambition, lies in taking care of how much we want to dip our toes in the ‘easier’ path. Achieving ambitions, mean we must work harder. ‘MarioLuigi’ reminds us, a glimpse, of that struggle.


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