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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. S I M, Stana, Olu Sado, Neak, Griz-O…

FKA Ivan & Nimen – Banshee

Italian artist FKA IVAN drops his latest single ‘Banshee’, with his close friend and producer NIMEN. Off of the ‘Moonsaw’ EP, Rolando Macchie (the man behind FKA IVAN) brings surreal taste in dropped bass, and tittle tattle of chimes and Universal chiming. The cloud-pop-rap offering is that cool natural spring down the creek of life.

S I M – Madly In Love
S I M’s ‘Madly In Love’ is what you want from an EMCEE’s work. Proud, bumpin’, smooth, groovin’, just so easy to get and slip into. As S I M puts it: “This one brings you the special dope touch of Kaleidoscope kid and his feel-good blue’s influenced essence.” Word.

Kahiem Rivera – Smokin’ Weed with the Devil (feat. Jafé)

What are you doing to KAHIEM RIVERA, girl?? He wants to take care of you. Why do you have to act like that when you don’t need to? It’s a hard world. It could get harder for all involved. This is a promise, and a warning: Stop all the negativity, and join in the goodness of what the future can bring – together. Are you IN? Think about it. “Life’s too short. Just relax.” a la Kahiem.

SG Lewis – “A.A.T” ft Drew Love

SG LEWIS stated about ‘A.A.T. and DREW LOVE: “Drew (Love) is a seriously versatile artist who blends different genres so easily. He has the ability to flit between singing and rapping so effortlessly. I’m a huge fan of his work as 1/2 of THEY and had wanted to work with him for ages. The studio flow was so natural, and we made two different tracks the first time we met! A.A.T was the missing piece of the puzzle for DARK, and something brand new for me sound-wise, and I’m super happy with how it turned out.” Can’t say it better.

Stana – Grime

We think this jam is fabulous. ‘Grime’ is offered from STANA, a buzzing rapper from London, deliveres some hard sh*t. Infectious hooks, on top of the crunch ‘urgency’, ‘Grime’ delivers a dark-rap that is reminiscent of early 2000’s but very much modern. “When I was writing the grime track it reminded me of how far UK street music has come” – STANA. This single was produced by MYSTRY.

Olu Sado – Craze Craze

OLU SADO is from the Bronx and his single ‘Craze Craze’ is the method he’d chosen to describe that one moment in a life emotions rage but the ultimate expression manifests itself in a more gentler manner. The whisk of confusion, efforts to be calm, and the incandescent chaos around, is delectably opined in this single. Analogy for a messed up world? Maybe. We think it’s just a beautiful way to frame it.

Tripnotic feat. Avarice – The Struggle

TRIPNOTIC’s single ‘The Struggle’ is heavy. An ounce weighs, a ton. With the automatic sling of the lyrics by feature artist, AVARICE, this single jumps up and bites you where it hurts. TRIPNOTIC returns to his ‘trip-hop’ roots in the new EP, and in this opening track the combination of AVARICE and the politically charged exercise, paints the darkness on a very textured atmosphere. Good stuff.

Neak – For My City

Yo. NEAK is fab, yo. That’s how we’d like to introduce the jazzy/funky goodness of his newest single ‘For My City’. NEAK is Rashid Hadee, and he brings the flavor that is delicious with the kind of after-taste that lingers and as fresh as the first note. A song about “race relations, America’s love for money, bad romantic relationships” is apropos, don’t you think?

Czar Brown – Brighter Days

This is CZAR BROWN’s best yet, in our opinion. We’d known of his work since featuring his single ‘Reach’. The potential was obvious from our vantage point. And now it’s come to pass, quickly and in strength. As Czar says: “Sometimes we just wanna escape to a brighter place.” Ain’t it the truth. Enjoy!

Griz-O – The One

Good stuff. When it’s good, it’s good. Reminiscent of Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, and early soldiers of grime (as well as hip-hop pioneers such as Run DMC), GRIZ-O just keeps taking it another level in every verse in ‘The One’. Good stuff. When it’s good, it’s good. Repeat. The Gloucester originating artist blasts his way about. This lead single is a result of a collab with producer Oh91.

Primate – Natural Brilliance Ft. Ill Chill

PRIMATE does blur genres. He’s stated that about himself, but we confirm. And another sterling example is his single ‘Natural Brilliance Ft. Ill Chill’. The textured background of funk & jazz elements, grab the galaxy being built, word by word, in his lyrics. The latest EP ‘Out of Time’ is a 7 track mix, and from all indications, it’s just glorious to listen to.

MADic – Sean Evans

OH YOU CRAZY GUYS! Listen to ‘Sean Evans’. View the music video. Hot? Do you mean spicy hot? Or temperature hot? BOTH? You won’t admit it, but this single is fun, relatable, and makes you regret not putting Sriracha sauce on your last lunch dish. In all seriousness, the lyrics are contrast to the visuals, with the kind of disjointed excellence that with a song named ‘Sean Evans’ should fulfill. Word. Dig it.


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