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715 // Hip-Hop R&B Elevation. For That Beat That’s Within You.


Fire? Heck Yea. Fire. ODEN’s got this covered like a heat blanket we put on when your girlfriend wants it during sleep at night. Yep. That hot. You love her. That’s why you do it. Just like you fight the demons of your past, with never ending slaying. For the battle is continuous. Just like life. ODEN knows. Looking forward to more.

Catching Flies – New Gods ft. Jay Prince and Oscar Jerome

“The track represents a breakthrough moment in the sense that I felt super inspired again after a long period of feeling frustrated with my own process,” DJ George Kin stated. “I also wanted to have a verse in there so hit up Jay – I’ve been a fan of his work for a while. Everything came together very naturally. The tune is essentially about reaching equilibrium in your own life… fresh starts and bettering yourself – so all things considered it felt pretty poignant and really resonated with me.” Upcoming collection is due at the end of this year.

Puma Blue – as-is

PUMA BLUE depicts that isolated moment in time, when all seems lost. There’s no way out. There’s no way across that river. The soul/jazz sound integrated with unbending life situations that try to break you – that’s what you need to contend with when listening to ‘as-is’. You pause, checking around to see if you’re still ticking. You are. But how deep?

Buck N Nice – EMAG

Rapper SawBuck and DJ So Nice make BUCK N NICE. Canadian. Hip Hop. Ottawa. They hit you hard, in part because of the surprise from their expert lyrics, delivery, and relentless beats and heart from ‘EMAG’. “We stayed consistent with the messaging throughout the album,” Buck-N-Nice add. “We have strong principles of independence, which we show and Patrick captures well in the video. We place our integrity above all else, and show there’s nothing we’d do to sell ourselves short and nothing we would not do to stand up for ourselves against the evils of the music industry.” Word. Heck yea.

Young Lyonne – Kobe

Second time we’re featuring YOUNG LYONNE. There’s good dang reason to do so. Listen. Now, with ‘Kobe’, listen to both YL and Ray Medixi, continue their assault on the mind, the heart, and about reality on one of the legends of the NBA. Beats, rhyme, soul, what it takes to get to that level – ‘Kobe’ makes it dope.

D Harden – Brush Her Teeth

Instagram conversation says it best: (mrsamuraisauce) “Bruh it’s 90 degrees why is you in jeans 😂 i understand sauce is everything famo but damn picture made me hot asf” Where D HARDEN (dharden3x) replied aptly: “when you get so cold.. your not phased by the heat 🔥” D Harden is from Des Moines, Iowa. Watch out.

Donnie Raven – Vibin’

Coincidently we were into BMX when we were younger. We talk about freestylin’ ‘back in the day’ like we’re grand-pa’s. Nothing to do with DONNIE RAVEN’s cool track ‘Vibin’ but just the bike element, of moving forward, with all this diversity and life’s beautiful chaos – seems like a good deal sometimes. Must still keep it churning. Even if your legs are full of lactic acid and are in pain. For someone else might bring more innovations. You must stay ahead. With a smile and chip on your shoulder, of course. Donnie’s ‘Livelihood’ EP is available now.

Narcy – TIME featuring Mashrou’Leila

“I felt it’s my responsibility as a video director to share culture and landscape in its glory and beauty for once. If I am going to have the space to share my vision, it has to be new and fresh, I want people to love where we are from and who we are. The song is so personal and was a healing force amidst the death of my paternal grandfather. It is a dedication to love lost and love left. The video is more of a celebration of Arab men, which hardly ever happens, and a celebration of our natural beauty in the Arab World” Kudos NARCY. Upcoming LP ‘SpaceTime’, to drop soon.

LnO – ADs

‘ADs’ is about pace. As LnO describes it: “This song was written during a time in which I lost my last grandparent unexpectedly, was robbed, low on money, and always away from my daughter. This time frame essentially kicked off a lot of dark days for me as I was/ am being forced to find myself.”


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