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715 // Hip-Hop Elevation. Kid Mango, Rush, J Lndn, Exmiranda, Mitchell James, Frank B…

Kid Mango – Water

Florida based rapper BOII ZOTO has lots of needs. But he contemplates what he – all humans – in reality needs to survive and thrive. All the distractions are all just there to, well…distract. Produced by Robert Don, the track explores the concepts of need and greed. Or maybe about the misconception we have embedded in our brains as we grow older? Who knows. This is quite the experimental rap that we dig.

Rush – You

Purposefully set in a sonic pallet that is dry and HDR, RUSH brings the single ‘You’. Coming off of his debut EP, ‘Journeys’, the latest single bring good tidings, staying with the flow, where the conversation continues to exert relevance and light. This Sydney based artist, continues his act of finding new ways to add to the musical conversation.

J Lndn – Like Me

Californian rapper J LNDN stated: “I slowly started attempting to rap/ freestyle from 15 years old. My friends and I would always link up after school just to spit some bars. Nobody was taking it seriously, but it was fun.” J LNDN continued: “I make my music for real people. Music that people can party to, can chill out to, and can use it as therapy to deal with their inner issues.” Kudos.

Exmiranda – Relaxation Therapy

Vocal strength demonstrated by EXMIRANDA is fabulous. Combination of energies exerted by artists like Eve, Missy Elliott, and Lil Kim, the Toronto native expounds in her latest single ‘Relaxation Therapy’ with grime, hiphop, afro beats in the mix, framed by the classic spoken word aesthetic that is highlighted. There’s a whole world of possibilities for EXMIRANDA and we can wait to see where she goes from here.

Waco Bell – Heartbroken

Kentucky hiphop artist WACO BELL, has written about his concerns inside the lyrics of ‘Heartbroken’. The protest song his take on what he’s witnessing, especially from the Black-American’s perspective. With classic old school addition of trumpets and jazzy elements, the artist successfully tamps down the harsh rhetoric, and opens up the questions for a solution that may come in the future.

Mitchell James – Van Gogh

90’s nostalgia is wrapped up in a shiny give box in MITCHELL JAMES’ latest, ‘Van Gogh’. The California rapper films his latest video for the single, in homage to the classics. Mitchell’s lyrics and especially his delivery of the words, is rooted in the ‘golden’ era of hiphop and with the production of YONDO, the rapper’s efforts comes through in spades in authenticity and in details. Look for more of Mitchell and crew.

Pdot – 2 Dam Fast

PDOT stated to us that ‘2 Dam Fast’ is “smooth music to ride at night to. Very ear pleasing and relaxing.” We examined this hypothesis from PDOT. And ultimately from the single toeing the line between the aesthetics of mumble rap, and smooth jazz rap, the salvation comes at the design of PDOT’s vocals. Words are meant to be said. But there’s no rule on HOW they are actually said into the ether. Well, we think PDOT has succeeded in making this single ‘pleasing’, ‘relaxed’, for sure.

Clay Dub – Left Me For Dead

‘Left Me For Dead’ is a diary entry of a story taken place in a dream of a day in a life. And the story telling takes us on the trek where the protagonist rides for his own existence. “Never give up. And come back stronger than ever.” is the lesson from the single. And we all need to take a piece of that home. ‘Left Me For Dead’ is a part 2 of Clay’s film song series.

Vic Spitz – Still Got It For Them

VIC SPITZ is a New Jersey based rapper/hiphop artist. And in this interesting video companion to his single ‘Still Got It For Them’, Vic states: “The story is about a lyrical artist fighting with the way things currently are in the music industry where lyrics have taken a back seat to 808 heavy beats, catchy choruses and memorable ad-libs. Check out the dope new music video and see for yourself if Vic Spitz ultimately decides to sacrifice his soul for clout.” Sounds like a plan to us. Keep on the fight.

Frank B. – Space Ghost

FRANK B. is talented. Smooth, tight, up for the challenge, bold to the max. His flow is at the top drawer, with the kind of story telling that is joined seamlessly by the artistic framing. ‘Space Ghost’ is a joy to listen to. The Brooklyn based rapper does his thing in this music video filled with the 90’s ‘Space Ghost Coast To Coast’ show from Cartoon Network. It’s a song that makes you giddy to bop.


Taking up the lead for this dark-rap single ‘Strange Things’, rapper FRESCOTOLDYA rights it so all of it is seen from a 1000 feet high. Taking cues of strong drums and guiding bass, the peak of the rapper’s vocals and chosen words, display the story. No matter whether a song is for Halloween or not, ‘Strange Things’ gains your ears’ attention, regardless.

Emmitt Dupree – NEGUS

EMMITT DUPREE relentlessly weaves words like rare pearls in his single ‘NEGUS’. Listen to his lyrics in the verses and you come away with a whiplash. But in a way you like having that tornado, turning your world upside, sideways. The slight hint of soulful fillers is fabulous, as well. Kudos to Emmitt, and his lyrical aesthetics. Check him out.

WAV – Money Up

WAV is Christopher Maloney and he’s knows the future. Well, at least he should by this point. In any case, in ‘Money Up’, the thrilling production of the artist continues to shine, in ears of all kind of human beings in the world. The Brooklyn born artist (raised in Houston) burst out like a rocket last year and has been snagging all our ears and musical deprivations by the net full ever since. He does it with the kind of pop-shimmer that is just visible from a certain specific angle. And when discovered, it’s a desire that has to be satisfied, over and over again. That’s a good thing.

Young Carty – Fake Love

YOUNG CARTY shows off his latest single ‘Fake Love’. It’s about love. Or maybe the ‘lack of it’. There was a time when it was ‘good’. Then where did it go south? “This is a project I worked on for a few weeks, and I can hands down say, this is the song Im the most proud of. I share a new side of me, that not many or if any people really knew about from before,” stated YC. It’s quite becoming, and it becomes a repeat inducing single quickly. Righteous.

detro mighty – hold

There’s nothing else that needs to be said but a phrase DETRO MIGHTY has stated: “I’m all about the vibes. Don’t do drugs.” Guys of little number of words. Love it. Dig this vibe from ‘Hold’. Dig it deep.

Bknott X Kudoz – Gnetik Pt.2

‘Gnetik Pt.2’ official music video was directed by Bknott/VFX by Maxx Renn. And the style of the visuals matches perfectly with the vibe of the song itself. And go figure, right? It’s a rare thing to say about video compatibility, but that’s what we see in this example. The energy of ‘Gnetik Pt.2’ is infectious and warrants a second and third, repeat from you. “Straight from the rip” as the group states. We dig that. Lots.

Will Tesla – Celebrate (Feat. Mickey Factz & Born)

“It’s like when I was growing up, I would listen to certain rappers,” reminisced WILL TESLA. “And I could literally see everything they was talking about, it felt like I was there when it happened, Like I was watching a movie almost, I told myself if I ever started rapping, this is definitely something I want to be able to do” Well, here we are. And in celebration, his single ‘Celebrate’ is apropos to the attitude we feel coming off of this single. Up, is how high you’d like to fly. Looking for more from the producer.

Dax – She Cheated Again

23 year old artist from Ottawa, Canada takes us into another angle of what pain could be in this world. Daily drama? Sounds banal? Well, it doesn’t feel like that when it happens to you. ‘Not In My Back Yard’, right? Direct affect on your daily function is detriment and distraction that is, yes, everyday and a story that is very much compelling to the interpretation. It’s an artistic process, that needs to be produced.


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