Modern Howls – 2AM, Chinatown (Work Drugs Remix)

Julian Jasper has changed the band’s name. To what you say? Now, the band will be called ‘Modern Howls’. Julian Jasper (James Clifford) said that the reason for changing the name was that: “…it’s from a Rolling Stones lyric…”; “…it’s an allusion to the beats…”; and lastly, changing might alleviate the confusion fans had of his real vs. band name.

His name isn’t ‘Julian’.

And it’s understandable that the band’s name ‘Julian Jasper’ would be confused for, let’s say, the frontman for the band.

We understand.

And what we also understand is that James is a forward looking individual. That’s why he changed the name to Modern Howls. A more distinctive and emblematic display for the future.

It’s a fitting change, and it befitting of his tunes’ grandeur.

In essence this is a re-release announcement of his self titled EP from a year ago.

Julian Jasper is no more.

But the spirit and musical ambitions will live strong with Modern Howls!

It’s a dang good thing and respect, all the way.

And to celebrate this change, his rep Misra Records, Modern Howls and electro group, Drug Wars, teamed up to offer an exciting variation to the song ‘2AM, Chinatown’. The remix will be included in the re-release of ‘Julian Jasper EP’ to celebrate this endeavor. And to make things even sweeter, until Black Friday, the song will be available for Free Download on the Bandcamp page.

The re-mix spices things up, siting different angles and contrasts, to ‘2AM, Chinatown’ – bending, twisting, un-twisting, and forging. The benefit is of another time to enjoy such musical collaborations.

It’s a fab deal, and when listening to both versions, the enjoyment will grow even more.

So, kudos, James – for choosing to change your brand mark. It’s never an easy choice.

And kudos, you two in Drug Wars. It’s a fab adjustment of the original.

As mentioned, above, Modern Howls is rep’ed by Misra Records, working out of Cheyenne WY & admin office in Pittsburgh.



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