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Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line – Each Season

“I’m into you. Wholly, deeply, insanely. I can’t live without you.” Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line’s ‘Each Season’ is a welcomed switching off from the beaten path – messaging our inner happiness to shine through. Songs like this just brings it out on many of us, don’t it?

It just does.

That’s what country music does.

And that’s what is happening here with ‘Each Season’ – a song that is about love, of course, but the point of it, to us, is it’s stance on that pedestal. The wide, 4 feet apart, aggressive but lovable stance.

What do we mean?

The strong and unbound stance and attitude comes from the song’s ‘country music’ side. You know – the get your hands dirty, do it yourself, no challenges are insurmountable kind. Then there is the ‘folk side’ – the gentle, warm, and just so embrace-able attitude.

Yea, doesn’t make too much sense, when you read it (FYI, we at CHF does this often).

But there’s a point to it all, and that the song is fabulous.

“When I get next to you, it’s like heaven,” he said to Lisa, as he gently kissed her on her shoulder.

“Heaven is where you make it, darlin'” Lisa reminded him, as she closed her eyes in satisfaction when he kissed her outer shoulder.

“It is and forever will be – with you and I – together, caressing, loving”

“I know.”

Are we getting to giddy about this song?

Don’t think so.

Although we do love the country music genre.

Does that make us biased?

Heck yea!

Anywho, enough tangents =D

Nora’s fabulous and many people agree. She’s approachable and accessible and a delight to listen to .

Her latest LP ‘Champion’ dropped in October and available for listen & purchase.

Kudos, Nora & TPL. Kudos.



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