By An Ion – Violet Sky

“The ebony glistens in front of the vast background of the stars. Billions and light years – separated, but glued to the ever attentive and mindful universal threads.” By An Ion’s ‘Violet Sky’ tells us the journey has ended – but has just begun. It’s the tip of the iceberg, delineated by the water’s tension.

We’d reviewed By An Ion’s ‘Autre Vie’ couple of months ago and stated: “A trek of other worldly beauty, and renaissance – dictating our emotions to the cusp of ‘un-knowledge’”.

Autre Vie is part of a 6 song EP which dropped on digital formats this November 23rd. An the song starts the journey, where the end of that journey is ‘Violet Sky’.

As mentioned, that road to nowhere, doesn’t end, for the questions posed in ‘Violet Sky’ is open ended.

As well as it should be.

Exploration into the dark and enigmatic sides of life, shouldn’t be cornered. The timeframe is long. Information gathered, throughout.

By An Ion is made up of Ray Aguilar and Alex Gonzales – a producer duo who have certain ambitions for their body of work.

“In our lyrics we often paint a picture with our surroundings and or bodies becoming one.”

“We truly did aim for a specific sound in our music , we want to give a breath of fresh air , tranquility and positivity to our listeners.”

The San Diego duo depicts their work as being part of a ‘cinematic’ constitution – where they aim to support and encourage the emotional rollercoaster, their audience could and should feel.

It’s a dramatic and ambitious challenge.

But it seems, By An Ion, is determined.

We think ‘Violet Sky’ is the second best song on the new album – the first being ‘Autre Vie’. But the elevation is supported by all the songs, invariably linked, in the cause.

Congrats Ray/Alex.


The digital access is available through Bandcamp.


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