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8-Bit Heroes Shares ‘Get Up, Get Out, Go!’ “If you have a convertible, take that top down. It’s Go-Time.”

Hi-hat, punk vocals, rapturous no-guilt guitar work, lyrics of adventure ventured – that’s what we’re talking about that so special with this single ‘Get Up, Get Out, Go!” by 8-Bit Heroes.

After all, we only have one attempt at this life of ours, so we should do a better job of listening to tasty tunes like this, more often right? Right??!

The answer is “Yes, CHF. We should do a better job of that…for sure.”

Despite your dismissive brow beating, we at CHF will keep on digging this tune that makes us feel young. In fact we feel like going outside and skateboarding, while juggling, and talking sh*t to our neighbors about making the best peanut-butter/jelly sandwich this side of the Mississippi.

The neighbors weren’t paying attention to our ridiculous boasting, but we, with our headphones on, were jumping and loving life as we listened to and repeated this song.

As Kingston, Ontario lore goes, the band (which is made up of guitarists Ira Smith and Matt Clarke, drummer Sean Davey, singer Justin Holland, and bassist Aidan Morris) “formed to battle the rising siege of electronic music in the community”. That meant that taking a new flame of musical dexterity to the old and blowing it out the right end, for posterity sakes. That’s what they did, and the world became better for it.

This Canadian band with the mostest, released their debut album ‘Try Blowing In It’, and it just continues to plow through your notion for what indie-rock and pop should feel and taste like, right up to the last song.

At the end of the day, the talented band just knows how to “hook us up” with their brand of zero-calories music in fun.

And that’s just a great way to live, ain’t it?



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