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LANNDS – Words

Jesse Brantman Photography LLC

LANNDS’ Words dramatically increases our want for fantasies we’d never knew we could muster. The indie-electro duo of Rania Woodward and Brian Squillace, palpably drenches our musical souls within with white satin drapes, comfortably embracing and stimulating every fiber.

The art piece of layers and textures, glued by the vocals of Woodward, lengthens and stretches the time continuum – splicing and spreading the word.

The news is good.

And the sultry magnificence is dramatic.

The sweeping onward soldier, marching of lyrics and daunted by the future rose colored menagerie – the song delivers.

“Take that piece, and put it there,” she directed.

“Here?” he asked.

“Yes. It’ll stay put better there. More sustainable.”

“Won’t it crumble because of a wind, or something?”

“I reckon it might, but not for a long long time,” she smiled.

“I won’t forget this,” he proclaimed looking at her face.

“Don’t you worry. I’ll be there for you. Remember that.”

The stare lasted.

The urge was tremendous and could not be denied.

Rania is a native of Jacksonville, Florida in the US and brings to the fore her musical style and tastes unique to her – for us to discover.

It’s a good thing.

The song is like the collarbone or the small the back, glistening on the girl you love and lust after.

Sensual, succulent, and irresistible – the song is a keeper.



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