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Gold Medal – Perfect Picture

Gold Medal’s Perfect Picture is the rose colored sunglasses, we love and want to wear always, in that thought of one’s teen years – long forgotten and mis-remembered. It’s sentimental. It’s warm. It’s nostalgic. It makes one smile all the way through.

Alyssa Gengos, is that angelic voice on the song, and boy are we in love with it. Her vocals is very much the key to taking us into a ‘time-portal’, in the effort to travel to that ‘good time’ in our past. And it achieves that with spades, extracting all the glory deemed from her fellow bandmates’ inputs.

I waive the profound assault, into that hallowed vase.
In my heart I raced, towards the crevasse annulled.
Broken in two, didn’t know what to do.
I waived goodbye, to that certain enigmatic.

There are times when we dream, dream away. Day dreaming one might call it. Spinning that pen on our index and thumb fingers, around and around, with no end in sight. Doodling and doodling till the day turns close to night. But where can we have been? The future was set. No turning back. No turning the providence.

“I want to get out,” she thought. “I need to get out.”

“I know,” an unknown voice echoed.

“You’d been wanting to be me. Be me, then.”

“How can I?”

“Just be you.”

“Are you the voice from the future?”


Their EP ‘Personal Record’ had dropped in August of 2017. And it includes 4 songs exploring the obvious and not-so.

All fun-tastic, however.

They’re rep’ed by Like Young Records, in New Albany Indiana.



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