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Art Feynman – Shelter

“Monday Give Me Monday” showcases Art Feynman’s signature grooves, krautrock slink, and staccato bounce, all captured on his trusty four-track cassette recorder.

In 2018, Feynman will come at us with his 2nd LP. He’s promised to take “us even further into his motorik and afrobeat inspired world of sound.”

So, what do we think of ‘Shelter’?

It’s a seemingly never ending ‘improv session’.

It’s not. But just feels like that – from start to finish.

Jam session? Yea, add that notion to the ‘improv session’ sentiment and there you have it.

The quiet whispers, makes one lean in.

Don’t want to, mind you.

But we did.

We leaned, almost tipped over the coffee cup, then kept repeating.

Ultimately, the grooves (a la Feynman) exists. Still with vigor and triumph.

And consistency is a fab thing. It’s needed. Even in art form.

The song is more of an ‘art’.

If there were hangers on the back, we’d put it up on the wall.

But we’d put thin white sheets and drape it on the frame, because it’s more haunting when done that way. Says something different. Says that it’s so exclusive, we put a sheet over the frame.

Then we all peek underneath, when no-one’s looking.

That’s Feynman’s ‘Shelter’.

He’s rep’ed by fab label, Western Vinyl in awesome Austin TX.



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