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Sunglasses Kid – NIGHT SWIM (Feat. Myrone)

“Can it be true? Will we be together, forever?” Sunglasses Kid’s Night Swim (featuring Myrone on guitars) attempts to strip away our conversations, about ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘We’ – constructing resourcefully, that sprouting Well within. “Yes, it’s true. Come with me.”

“I’ll call you later, Veronica. Remember to stay by the phone,” Jackie asked of her good friend.

The afternoon sun was pastel and golden, and it was warm against their skin. The tropical-like ambience on that walk back from school was as deeply embedded in their minds.

The silence of the suburban back streets, whistled with gentle rustling of the green plants planted all along the road. The cars made gentle guzzling noises, emphatic in their efforts to be thoughtful in their passing.

The tall trees hung and waved couple degrees or two, in the 4 O’clock afternoon. And when one looked up at the sun, the trees said ‘hello’ consistently blocking the rays, as if to be facetious.

Veronica didn’t mind.

It was the one time, in a school day, when she could have some time to herself.

She could collect her thoughts. Think about the school day, past. Think about her interactions with her friends and school teachers. And think about the evening time, at her home, in the next couple of hours.

The days were strewn in the early June month.

“Why did it have to be this way,” she clamored at the thought – a thought she’d had many occasions before.

The pastel colored, sun lit day, turned, inevitably into reality.

She was almost home.

And her feet became heavier.

She couldn’t wait to see her school mates again, the next day.

It’s only been a short while since Sunglasses Kid had published digitally, to the masses. And he’s become a fan favorite, quickly and poignantly.

Influenced by the nostalgic picture slides of the 80’s and the 90’s, he delves into his imaginations of past decades, sharing his interpretation of what could and should have been.

On ‘Night Swim’, that film reel is played again, accentuated by the palpable synths of Sunglasses Kid and the guitar works of Myrone.

Suffice to say, the refreshing side of the genre burn hot in Sunglasses Kid, and we dig it, lots.

We’d featured him on our Instagram Account (nytrogold) some months back, and we’re glad we could say more things about his works, now.

Obviously, we’re fans.

So, keep on, keepin’ on Sunglasses Kid.


He’s rep’ed by Aztec Records, working hard and fruitfully for their artists, out of London.

Sunglasses Kid’s latest offering is ‘Graduation’, his first full fledged album. It dropped in October, and is available for purchase.



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