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88thK – Telekinesis

Can it get any better? What? You know, this single named ‘Telekinesis’. You into it? Hecks yea. Why? Can you feel the chill, through the conduits of jazz and baroque? Sure do. The vibe of ‘Telekinesis’ is pure stroke, as 88thK makes the rhythms as natural as the Universe and much as NYC can be. Shoutouts, party, happy people, chill – the basics of a good time, in a video, in a song, in life. Word.

Dutch – Passing Me Bye

Off of the EP ‘Single Player Game’, DUTCH’s dark and sad ‘Passing Me Bye’ is the feeling of distrust and abandonment in a relationship we all have experienced sometime in our lives. Begging, and qualifying, toiling within – by yourself – rationalizing and never coming to a satisfactory conclusion is what this single is all about. Will there be a positive ending to this situation of love and mystery? Who knows. But DUTCH’s single surely paints the exact colors of such cultural trauma. We feel, hence we love.


It’s rare to hear carefully built lyrics sometimes in a rapper, or any artist. RYN SCOTT’s ‘Let it Go’ is very much on the positive of that assessment. The Michigan based rap/hiphop artist was born and raised in Grand Rapids, and has since pushed his way to a certain direction in his music. With more singles and collaboration on the way, the attitude that we love about Ryn comes through in one statement: “I’m just a normal guy trying to have an incredible impact on this world by writing about it and hopefully, one day, I’ll look back and say confidently, I left this world a better place.” Respect. Ryn’s on his way, and look out for him in 2019.

Pat G – Sometimes

From a Texas upbringing, PAT G brings the ol’ school beats and sensibilities to the upbeat single ‘Sometimes’. With horns breaking the gray of our day-to-day, PAT G, asks of us to look further into our lives. Looking beyond makes it more clearer than it does from a short view on what life should be. And yea, it’s ‘Sometimes’ that way. We’re overworked, overstressed, and things just seem desperate. A step back and pausing, is a way to go. Can’t hurt.

Jason Greensocks – FRiO

JASON GREENSOCKS is fire. The production value of the single ‘FRiO’ is quality, with excitement written into every corner of the single. The single is from the mixtape ‘The Story Of Summer 2018’, it wasn’t released until now from the Austin based artist. Should have been. But it wasn’t. Guess, it’s our benefit, right? The consistency and build-up of the single is dynamic and driving. The lyrics are a-perfect, and presented with the aura of a master Ninja. Can’t be better. Pure entertainment.

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